You can't stop thinking

“I’m never gonna hold you like I did / Or say I love you to the kids / You’re never gonna see it in my eyes / It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry / I’m not gonna miss you.” The situation is undeniably hurtful but we can'stop thinking we’re heartbroken over the loss of our beloved ones. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom". Malcolm X

A Candle For Remembering

A Candle For Remembering
May this memorial candle lights up the historical past of our beloved Country: Rwanda, We love U so much. If Tears could build a stairway. And memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven. To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it And. Only Paul Kagame knows why. My heart still aches with sadness. And secret tears still flow. What It meant to lose you. No one will ever know.

Welcome to Home Truths

The year is 1994, the Fruitful year and the Start of a long epoch of the Rwandan RPF bloody dictatorship. Rwanda and DRC have become a unique arena and fertile ground for wars and lies. Tutsi RPF members deny Rights and Justice to the Hutu majority, to Congolese people, publicly claim the status of victim as the only SurViVors while millions of Hutu, interior Tutsi and Congolese people were butchered. Please make RPF criminals a Day One priority. Allow voices of the REAL victims to be heard.

Everybody Hurts

“Everybody Hurts” is one of the rare songs on this list that actually offers catharsis. It’s beautifully simple: you’re sad, but you’re not alone because “everybody hurts, everybody cries.” You’re human, in other words, and we all have our moments. So take R.E.M.’s advice, “take comfort in your friends,” blast this song, have yourself a good cry, and then move on. You’ll feel better, I promise.—Bonnie Stiernberg


About US

AS Foundation Founder, Webmaster, Editor-in-chief and Publisher. Search and meet Libre Penseur, the Man who stands firm on his priniciples. I am working for a pro-peace humanitarian organization with no political agenda. Make your voice heard around the globe. You think it, you write it. Dear SurViVors: Nobody’s going to help you. It’s all up to you. Make it happen for yourself. However, there's a common knowledge to remember : "No man is an island". Will be possible for me to realize my dream and say : *.*The war is over, the hunting trip on Hutus comes to an end, the Evil is taken away, the reign of Terror comes to an end in Rwanda, my beloved homeland. As we stand on the precipice of Paul Kagame war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide, call on the Regime change in Rwanda. Will you just sit back and watch Paul Kagame destroying the Human kind or will you stand up with African SurViVors and make your voice heard? Nothing is said about Kagame's arrest. Many are asleep, wrapped up their day to day lives. However, if and if you are awake, it is your responsibility to wake others! Spread the word, Ask for Paul Kagame's removal and indictment, take action.*.*

Paul Kagame admits ordering...

Paul Kagame admits ordering the 1994 assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda.

Why did Kagame this to me?

Why did Kagame this to me?
Can't forget. He murdered my mother. What should be my reaction? FYI: the number of orphans in Rwanda has skyrocketed since the 1990's Kagame's invasion. Much higher numbers of orphans had and have no other option but joining FDLR fighters who are identified as children that have Lost their Parents in Kagame's Wars inside and outside of Rwanda.If someone killed your child/spouse/parent(s) would you seek justice or revenge? Deep insight: What would you do to the person who snuffed the life of someone I love beyond reason? Forgiving would bring me no solace. If you take what really matters to me, I will show you what really matters. NITUTIRWANAHO TUZASHIRA. IGIHE KIRAGEZE.If democracy is to sell one's motherland(Africa), for some zionits support, then I prefer the person who is ready to give all his live for his motherland. Viva President Putin!!!

RPF committed the unspeakable

RPF committed the unspeakable
The perverted RPF committed the unspeakable.Two orphans, together against the world. Point is the fact that their parents' murder by Kagame & RPF held no shock in the Western world. Up to now, kagame and his death squads still enjoy impunity. What goes through someone's mind as they know RPF murdered their parents? A delayed punishment is actually an encouragment to crime. “I always think I am a peaceful person but if someone harmed someone near and dear to me, I don't think I could be so peaceful. I would like to believe that I would seek justice - I would devote myself to bringing the 'perp' to a non-happy ending but would that be enough? You'd have to be in the situation I suppose before you could actually know how you would feel or what you would do”. Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, Libre Penseur

Inzira ndende


Hutu Children & their Mums

Hutu Children & their Mums
Look at them ! How they are scared to death. Many Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi, Foreign human rights advocates, jounalists and and lawyers are now on Death Row Waiting to be murdered by Kagame and his RPF death squads. Be the last to know.


Rwanda-rebranding-Targeting dissidents abroad, despite war crimes and repression Rwanda has “A well primed PR machine”, and that this has been key in “persuading the key members of the international community that it has an exemplary constitution emphasizing democracy, power-sharing, and human rights which it fully respects”. It concluded: “The truth is, however, the opposite.” Rwanda has hired several PR firms to work on deflecting criticism, and rebranding the country.

Targeting dissidents abroad One of the more worrying aspects of Racepoint’s objectives was to “Educate and correct the ill informed and factually incorrect information perpetuated by certain groups of expatriates and NGOs,” including, presumably, the critiques of the crackdown on dissent among political opponents overseas. This should be seen in the context of accusations that Rwanda has plotted to kill dissidents abroad. A recent investigation by the Globe and Mail claims, “Rwandan exiles in both South Africa and Belgium – speaking in clandestine meetings in secure locations because of their fears of attack – gave detailed accounts of being recruited to assassinate critics of President Kagame….

Ways To Get Rid of Kagame

How to proceed for revolution in Rwanda:
  1. The people should overthrow the Rwandan dictator (often put in place by foreign agencies) and throw him, along with his henchmen and family, out of the country – e.g., the Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines.Compaore of Burkina Faso
  2. Rwandans organize a violent revolution and have the dictator killed – e.g., Ceaucescu in Romania.
  3. Foreign powers (till then maintaining the dictator) force the dictator to exile without armed intervention – e.g. Mátyás Rákosi of Hungary was exiled by the Soviets to Kirgizia in 1970 to “seek medical attention”.
  4. Foreign powers march in and remove the dictator (whom they either instated or helped earlier) – e.g. Saddam Hussein of Iraq or Manuel Noriega of Panama.
  5. The dictator kills himself in an act of desperation – e.g., Hitler in 1945.
  6. The dictator is assassinated by people near him – e.g., Julius Caesar of Rome in 44 AD was stabbed by 60-70 people (only one wound was fatal though).
  7. Organise strikes and unrest to paralyze the country and convince even the army not to support the dictaor – e.g., Jorge Ubico y Castañeda was ousted in Guatemala in 1944 and Guatemala became democratic, Recedntly in Burkina Faso with the dictator Blaise Compaoré.

Almighty God :Justice for US

Almighty God :Justice for US
Hutu children's daily bread: Intimidation, Slavery, Sex abuses led by RPF criminals and Kagame, DMI: Every single day, there are more assassinations, imprisonment, brainwashing & disappearances. Do they have any chance to end this awful life?

Killing Hutus on daily basis

Killing Hutus on daily basis
RPF targeted killings, very often in public areas. Killing Hutus on daily basis by Kagame's murderers and the RPF infamous death squads known as the "UNKNOWN WRONGDOERS"

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya
Rape, torture and assassination and unslaving of hutu women. Genderside: Rape has always been used by kagame's RPF as a Weapon of War, the killings of Hutu women with the help of Local Defense Forces, DMI and the RPF military

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes
How torture flourishes across Rwanda despite extensive global monitoring

Fighting For Our Freedom?

Fighting For Our Freedom?
We need Freedom, Liberation of our fatherland, Human rights respect, Mutual respect between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority


Sunday, March 30, 2014

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

Eye-witness Account 1

Le major Jean-Marie Micombero, un ancien officier de renseignement tutsi  de l'armée de Paul Kagame, s'est confié au journal Marianne/ 28 mars au 3 avril 2014. Il affirme sans hésiter qu'il a assisté à la préparation de l'attentat contre l'avion du président rwandais Juvénal Habyarimana le 6 avril 1994. Il met ainsi en cause le président actuel du Rwanda, le général Paul Kagame, organisateur et commanditaire de cet attentat terroriste ayant déclenché le génocide de 1994.  La suite sur  ce lien

Eye-witness Account 2

The eye-witeness of Kagame's genocide and Kagame's serial murders

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bij de presidentsverkiezingen van vorige maandag werd uittredend president Kagame met een verpletterend overwicht herverkozen. De laatste maanden is duidelijk gebleken dat echte democratisering nog een lange weg heeft af te leggen in Rwanda. 11.11.11- Koepel van de Vlaamse Noord-Zuidbeweging observeerde ter plekke de verkiezingen, samen met partnerorganisatie Ligue des Droits de la Personne dans la région des Grands Lacs (LDGL).

LDGL stuurde 177 observatoren uit over het land die vaststelden dat de verkiezingen veilig en rustig verliepen en dat er een massale opkomst van de kiezers was. LDGL bekritiseert echter de opdeling van de kiesbureaus per dorp waarbij de dorpschef vaak lid of voorzitter van het kiesbureau is. Dit kan als drukkingsmiddel worden beschouwd waardoor het kiesrecht eerder een kiesplicht wordt. Ook hecht LDGL veel belang aan het beleid van de laatste maanden, gekenmerkt door intimidaties en beperkingen van de vrije meningsuiting.

Ondanks kritiek wordt algemeen aanvaard dat uittredend president Kagame werd herverkozen met een verpletterende score. 'Believers' kunnen hierin een bewijs zien van het succesverhaal van 'donor darling' Rwanda: op enkele jaren tijd is de president erin geslaagd het land herop te bouwen, na de genocide die aan meer dan 800.000 Rwandezen het leven kostte en het land vernield achterliet. Zo zijn in Rwanda de laatste 16 jaar grote stappen gezet op vlak van administratief goed bestuur, decentralisatie, corruptiebestrijding, infrastructuur, veiligheid, gezondheidzorg en economische heropbouw.

Maar er zijn ook aanwijzingen dat deze verkiezingen een verdere uitholling van de Rwandese democratie betekenen. Kagame bleef immers nagenoeg als enige presidentskandidaat over, nadat iedere vorm van oppositie of kritiek de laatste maanden monddood werd gemaakt. Oppositiepartijen werden belet zich te registreren, media werden gecensureerd, een oppositieleider en een journalist werden vermoord, anderen werden geëntimideerd of gearresteerd. Van democratische ruimte is dus nagenoeg geen sprake, van een echt politiek debat evenmin.

Ook de manier waarop men zijn stem moest uitbrengen, kan vragen oproepen. Iedere kiezer moest zijn vingerafdruk plaatsen bij de kandidaat van zijn voorkeur op het stembiljet. Wetende dat in Rwanda ieders vingerafdruk ook wordt geregistreerd wanneer men een identiteitskaart aanvraagt, en dat er slechts enkele honderden kiezers zijn per stembureau, kan deze manier van stemmen als intimiderend worden ervaren. LDGL klaagde deze praktijk trouwens al aan bij de parlementaire verkiezingen van 2008.

De inperking van de mogelijkheden tot inspraak en vrije meningsuiting zorgen ervoor dat een aantal frustraties binnen de Rwandese samenleving niet kunnen worden geventileerd. En dat kan op termijn gevaarlijk zijn. Niet alleen voor Rwanda zelf, maar voor de hele regio van de Grote Meren.

Als Rwanda wil verder bouwen op de positieve trends die in het land in gang werden gezet, moeten het land en zijn internationale partners niet enkel aandacht besteden aan technocratische efficiëntie, maar ook aan democratisch goed bestuur. Dé uitdaging voor de Rwandese machthebbers bestaat er nu in inspraak te geven aan de bevolking en ruimte te laten voor de civiele maatschappij, de media en de oppositie, door de vrijheid van meningsuiting en de persvrijheid te respecteren.

De internationale gemeenschap mag haar verantwoordelijkheid hierbij niet ontlopen en moet een open en constructieve dialoog aangaan met het Rwandese regime. België onderhandelt op dit moment met Rwanda over het volgende meerjarenprogramma voor de bilaterale ontwikkelingssamenwerking. Net zoals dat het geval is in de akkoorden met Congo en Burundi, moet België erop toezien dat extra hulpmiddelen kunnen worden vrijgemaakt, Ã ls Rwanda vooruitgang maakt op vlak van democratisering en goed bestuur.

België mag niet met twee maten en gewichten werken voor de landen in de regio van de Grote Meren en moet daarom ook met Rwanda deze discussie opstarten. Een dergelijke aanpak is natuurlijk veel doeltreffender als die wordt gedragen door de bredere donorengemeenschap, ook omdat België in Rwanda niet zoveel gewicht in de schaal kan leggen als in Burundi of in Congo. De EU kan dat wel, maar slaagt er niet in met eensgezinde stem op de evoluties in het land in te spelen.
Door zich op één lijn te scharen, kunnen de EU-lidstaten erop aandringen dat de Rwandese verkiezingen meer zijn dan 'window dressing'.Dit zou een mooie  uitdaging zijn voor het Belgische voorzitterschap. Voor meer informatie: Corine Van Kelecom, Coordinator Communicatie 11.11.1102 536 11 17 - 0477 31 81 60

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

 [Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

Monday, March 17, 2014

Today, I published a short opinion piece on the website about Rwanda's recent Twitter-gate, linking it to broader patterns of disinformation in postgenocide Rwanda. The link is here.
The original text follows:
As Rwanda prepares to mark the twentieth anniversary of the 1994 genocide, it has found itself in an unprecedented diplomatic crisis. The ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front has all but claimed responsibility for the murder of its former spy chief Patrick Karegeya in Johannesburg in January. More recently, the South African government has accused Rwandan diplomats of a third bungled attempt on the life of the country’s former army chief Kayumba Nyamwasa. The State Department scolded the government of President Paul Kagame for the attempt. The South African government then expelled three Rwandan diplomats, and is considering ending formal diplomatic ties with Rwanda.
Foreign journalists reporting on the attack on Nyamwasa raised the ire of President Kagame. On March 7, Radio France International journalist Sonia Rolley was subject to misogynistic harassment from the account of @RichardGoldston. American freelancer Steve Terrill came to Rolley’s defense, resulting in a series of mocking tweets from the account of Rwanda president @PaulKagame himself, not the @RichardGoldston to which Terrill (@steveinafrica) had directed his Tweets. A week later, on March 15, Terrill was denied entry into Rwanda. The denial appearspolitically-motivated as Terrill broke the story that someone in the office of the Rwandan president also had access to the @RichardGoldston account. The @RichardGoldston account trolled Twitter for any sign of criticism of Kagame or the RPF, and regularly harassed and demeaned Twitter users that criticized the government.
On March 8, the official Twitter account of the Office of the Rwandan President (@UrugwiroVillage) tweeted that the @RichardGoldston account had been deleted and the staff member responsible for the account had been “reprimanded’. Rwanda’s Twitter-gate raise questions about the central role of RPF Twitter-trolls in calling out foreign journalists who seek it hold it to account for its excesses at home and abroad. President Kagame’s reactionary tweets provide insight into the political reality behind his government’s carefully crafted narrative that Rwanda is a nation rehabilitated from the ruin of the 1994 genocide. Twitter-gate is also illustrative of the harassment and intimidation that critics of the RPF regime regularly experience.
Twitter-gate is the first crack in the armor of the RPF’s longstanding disinformation campaign that has relied on exchange students, public relations firms, commemorative events, and a whole host of other techniques to craft an idealized and often invented version of what Rwanda was like before the onset of colonialism and what it has become since the 1994 genocide. Since 2009, the RPF has worked with American and British PR specialists whose primary task is to drown out the voices of foreign critics and bury evidence of the RPF’s human rights abuses under rosy language about political stability, economic growth, and the stated intention of helping the poor. In January, Rwanda launched the Kwibuka20 campaign, from inside Kagame’s office of course, for the same instrumental reason: to substitute the trope of genocide for the trope of authoritarianism in narratives about Rwanda.
The disinformation strategy is simple: ensure maximum international sympathy and donor dollars and a minimum of international inquiry into the government’s denial of liberties and human rights abuses. The Kagame-led regime has a penchant for U.S. visits and visitors, and until recently successive U.S. administrations turned a blind eye to massive human rights violations for which the Kagame-led regime, according to the United Nations, is responsible in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Americans in particular have been taken in by the rhetoric of reconstruction, development, and reconciliation that invariably accompanies most public events in the country.
The RPF frames itself for Western audiences as the political party best able to move Rwanda is moving towards a Western-style democracy because it has regularly held presidential and parliamentary elections. The RPF handily won the most recent round of parliamentary elections, in September 2013, with 76% of the vote. In theory, it was contending with nine other parties. In practice, Rwanda’s nearly six million voters had little choice on the ballot. A total of 98% of the votes went to the RPF and its four coalition parties. The continued dominance of the RPF in the electoral realm projects a semblance of political pluralism while masking the fact that all parties are expected to acquiesce to the ruling party. Two actual opposition parties have been banned and their leaders jailed.
Another pillar of Rwanda’s disinformation campaign is that the government promotes gender-equality. 64% percent of parliamentarians in Rwanda’s lower house are women, but this number masks reality. Although women are very visible in Rwanda politics, their ability to shape the future of women, ironically, is circumscribed. Rwanda's parliament has limited influence. Parliamentarians—be they male or female—actually have little power to legislate on behalf of their constituents. They have little room to develop policy or even to debate openly; space for free and open political expression is limited. Put differently, an assessment of political realities shows that women parliamentarians in Rwanda are mere accessories of power; they do not actually wield any of it.
Though the genocide has not repeated itself, growing socio-political and economic inequalities—notably the exclusion of youth—under an increasingly authoritarian and repressive government have meant that post-genocide Rwanda is still deeply entangled in its violent past. Rwandans deserve better from their American friends. Rwanda’s Twitter-gate also reminds us that, on this 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, we should not allow our generally rosy perception of Rwanda as a stable and free country under the visionary leadership of President Kagame to mask long-standing political tensions, unresolved resentments, and the rise of an authoritarian regime.

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine

Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

Libre Journal de Roger Saboureau du 10 mars 2014 : “Rouanda : à qui profite le crime ?”
Par Roger Saboureau | 10 mars 2014 | Libre Journal de Roger Saboureau | Mots clés : Afrique . Bernard Lugan . génocide .Jacques Hogard . Michel Robardey . Patrice Boissy . Rouanda
Roger Saboureau, assisté de Martine Dubost, recevait Bernard Lugan, universitaire, historien, Patrice Boissy, administrateur à Secours de France, Michel Robardey, colonel de gendarmerie à la retraite, coopérant au Rouanda de 1990 à 1993 et Jacques Hogard, colonel à la retraite, pour une émission consacrée au thème : “au Rouanda : à qui profite le crime ?”
Libre Journal de Roger Saboureau du 10 mars 2014 : “Rouanda : à qui profite le crime ?” 

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kigali kuwa 11 Werurwe 2014

Inama Ishyaka FDU –Inkingi rirakemanga ingamba zo kuzahura  ubukungu bukomeje kujya aharindimuka

Muri ino minsi haravugwa  isozwa ry’umwiherero w’abayobozi bakuru b’igihugu waberaga  i Gabiro mu kigo cy’imyitozo cya gisirikire kuva kuya 8-10 werurwe 2014. Muri uyu mwiherero bibaye ubwa mbere Perezida Kagame yerura nawe akemeza ko ibintu bimaze kumushobera uburyo abayobozi buri gihe bahora bamusubiriramo ibintu bimwe bazageraho nyamara impinduka ntizigaragare kugeza ubwo nibyo baba bamubwiye bazakora bitanagera no kuri kimwe cya kabiri cy’ibyo baba bamwijeje gukora. Muri uno mwiherero Perezida Kagame yashinje abayobozi kuba basa n’abakorera ku jisho, no kuba nta bikorwa bagaragaza bijyanye n’imigambi myiza baba bamwijeje kuzakora.
Iki kibazo cy’amagambo asize umunyu y’ibibeshywa ko byagenzweho n’ibizagerwaho ariko bitagaragara mu bikorwa si ubwa mbere ishyaka FDU-Inkingi ryongeye kukigarukaho ndetse no gutanga umuti wacyo urambye :
Mu Rwanda hari ikibazo gikomeye kuko ubuyobozi bwaho ntibushingiye ku bushobozi bw’inzego zikomeye ahubwo bushingiye ku muntu, ibi bituma abayobozi bose guhera hasi baba bategereje amabwiriza ngo ava hejuru kuburyo ntacyo bo bashobora gukora cyijjyanye n’ububasha,ubumenyi n’inshingano bakwiriye kuba bafite. Ibi nibyo bituma inzego zakabaye zifasha abaturage zihinduka baringa zigahora ngo zitegereje ngo ibiri buve « i bukuru !».
Ibi bigaragazwa n’ingero nyinshi : Muri uyu mwiherero minisiteri yashyizwe mu majwi cyane ni minisiteri y’ubuhinzi aho ubu umusaruro wayo wagabanutse cyane kugera munsi ya 50% nkuko Perezida Kagame abivuga ! Kuri iki kibazo ishyaka FDU –Inkingi ntiryahwemye kwamagana politiki y’ingufu yo guhingisha abaturage bose b’u Rwanda  igihingwa kimwe cy’ibigori mu cyiswe politiki yo guhuza ubutaka ! FDU yakomeje kwerekana ko iyi politiki izateza ikibazo cy’inzara kuko isa naho yirukanye ibindi bihingwa byari bitunze abanyarwanda mu buzima bwabo bwa buri munsi . Ibi bikangerekaho ko abayobozi muri kwa gukurikira butama ngo amabwiriza yaturutse ibikuru biroha mu yindi myaka y’abaturage bakarandagura ,intoki bagatemagura ngo nibahinge ibigori. Uko iminsi yashiraga niko abaturage bakomezaga gutaka ko ntabyo kurya bafite,ko ibiciro ku masoko bizamuka ubutitsa,ko n’ibigori bahingishwa ku ngufu bibahombera kuko bigurishwa ku giciro gito bigatuma badashobora guhaha ibindi biribwa .
Mu gihe abaturage babaga bataka inzara niko Minisiteri y’ubuhinzi yo yavugaga ko umusaruro ari mwinshi cyane ku buryo u Rwanda rusagurira amasoko,abayobozi babazwa impamvu ibibazo by’imirire mibi bikomeje kwiyongera mu banyarwanda cyane cyane ku bana aho ubu 40% bafite ibibazo bya bwaki ,misiteri y’ubuzima iti abanyarwanda ntibazi guteka… !
Icyi kibazo cy’inzego zidakomeye nicyo gitumye imishinga y’iterambere nk’ibikorwa remezo ( imihanda ,ibibuga by’indege,ingomero z’amashyarazi,gaz méthane,Karisimbi,ibibuga by’imipira…) byose bihora biririmbwa buri mwaka ariko ntibikorwe. Ahubwo usanga bihutaje abaturage aho bamburwa cyangwa bakavanwa mu byabo nta ngurane cyangwa bagakomeza gutegereza ingurane ibikorwa ntibikorwe n’umuturage ntasubizwe ibye nibura ngo abe yivaniramo ibimutunga.
Iyi mikorere niyo itangiye gutuma abaturage batangiye guhunga igihugu cyabo kubera akarengane aho ubu nko mu karere ka Nyagatare umuyobozi w’akarere yigabije amasambu y’abaturage akayabambura inzu zabo akazisenya . Nyamara aho bari batuye bahafitiye ibyangombwa byemewe n’amategeko ariko ubuyobozi bwaho ngo ntibuhabashaka ngo ni abimukira ! Ubu abaturage bamwe batangiye guhungira i Bugande kuberako babuze gitabara kuri ako karengane barimo gukorerwa ubuyobozi burebera nkaho nta burenganzira bafite ku gihugu cyabo !
Ubu buyobozi budashingiye ku nzego ahubwo bushingiye ku muntu nibwo butuma ibya rubanda binyerezwa umwaka ku wundi inzego zishinzwe kubarebera (inteko ishinga amategeko,ubushinjacyaha,ubucamanza.. .) zikaruca zikarumira ! Izi nzego ziteye zitya nizo zitumye uburezi bwo mu Rwanda bugeze ahabi kuburyo umwana arangiza amashuri abanza atazi no kwandika izina rye. Ibi nibyo bituma hariribwa imashini ya mudasobwa kuri  buri mwana nyamara abana biga bicaye mu itaka batabona n’ikaye y’amafaranga 50 yo kwandikamo. Iyi miyoborere ishingiye ku muntu niyo itumye nk’uko byatangajwe n’impuguke zo mu muryango wa Afrika y’uburasirazuba ubu mu Rwanda abakire 10% bakomeza gutumbagira no kuba ba mirenge ku Ntenyo  naho 40% gakarushaho gutindahara kuburyo hagati y’abakire n’abakene nta rundi rwego rw’ubukungu rurimo (classe moyenne) nk’uko ahayobowe neza ariko bigenda.
Dore icyo Perezida Pahuro Kagame yakora mbere yo kurenganya abo ayobora ngo baramubeshya:
-Nta mpinduka zishoboka mu gihe abanyarwanda guhera kuri abo bayobozi kugera ku muturage wo hasi nta bwisanzure buhari bwo kuvuga icyo umuntu atekereza kuri gahunda runaka no kuba gahunda iyi niyi yanegwa.. Aha rero uburenganzira bwo kutanga igitekerezo mu bwisanzure burakenewe.
-Turasaba Perezida wa Repuburika guhagarika gahunda z’ibyemezo biva hejuru byitura kubaturage,maze abaturage bagahabwa ijambo ku bigomba kubakorerwa bitabaye ibyo abaturege bazakomeza batake ko bugarijwe n’ubukene ,abayobozi nabo bavuge ko abaturage barimo gutera imbere cyane !
-Turasaba Nyakubahwa Perediza wa Repuburika gukoresha ububasha afite akagira icyo akora ku bayobozi bigize ibigirwamana n’indakorwaho. Aba nibo banyereza ibya rubanda nta nkomyi,nibo basenyera abaturage bakanabirukana mu byabo ntacyo bikanga, nibo basigaye bahutaza abanyamakuru iyo bashyize ahagaragara ibikorwa bibi byabo ku baturage. Nta gushidikanya ko ari nabo batera ubwoba uwagatanze ikindi gitekerezo  cy’uko ibintu bikwiriye gukorwa ngo bitange umusaruro kurushaho.
-Perezida wa Repuburika akwiye gufasha abanyarwanda gusobanukirwa ni’iyi mvugo : « byaturutse i bukuru !» None se « i bukuru » haba ari kwa Perezida, haba ari kuri aba bayobozi bandi b’ibitabashwa bemerewe gukora ibyo bishakiye banahutaza uwo bashatse ?
-Turasaba Perezida wa Repuburika kugira ingamba afata ku muco mubi witwa « Gutekinika (kubeshya) wabibwe n’ubutegetsi bwa FPR Inkotanyi  kuva ku Mudugudu kuzamura hejuru aho raporo zose  zikorwa ziba zuzuyemo ibinyoma bigamije kwiyerekana neza no kwirarira ! Igishimishije ni uko noneho  na Perezida amaze kubonako  koko abeshywa.
Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi rirongera gushimangira ko iterambere ritareba inyungu z’umuturage uyu wo hasi rizahora ari baringa.
Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi risanga nta terambere ryabaho abaturage muri rusange nta bwisanzure bafite bwo gutanga ibitekerezo no kuvuga ibitagenda nta nkomyi.
Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi riremeza nta shiti ko nta terambere ryashoboka mu gihugu kitubahiriza amahame ya demokarasi n’uburenganzira bwa muntu,ibyakorwa byose byirengagije ibi bintu by’ingenzi byaba ari ukubakira ku musenyi.
Iyi miyoborere ishingiye ku muntu aho gushingira ku nzego zikomeye kandi zikorera mu bwisanzure niyo yatumye muri uyu mwiherero ntawatinyuka ngo agire icyo abaza ku mibanire mibi hagati y’ igihugu cyacu n’ibuhugu byo mu karere ndetse n’ahandi kuburyo bimaze no kugira ingaruka ku banyarwanda benshi.
Iyi miyoborere ishingiye ku bwoba n’igitugu niyo atuma muri uyu mwiherero ntawahingutsa ikibazo cya politiki gikomeye kiri mu gihugu aho umuco w’ubutegetsi bw’igitugu ukomeje guhabwa intebe,amagereza akaba yuzuye abanyapolitiki batandukanye b’amashyaka ngo ni uko banze kuba inkomamashyi z’ubutegetsi bwa président Pahuro Kagame ,abicwa ubutitsa hirya no hino…! Nta gushidikanya ko uwahingutsa iki kibazo nawe yanyuzwa iy’ibusamo  akitwa umwanzi w’igihugu n’uwa leta nyamara impinduka mu mitekerereze no mu mikorere yari ikwiye  gushingira ku bitekerezo binyuranye kandi byubaka.

Boniface Twagirimana

Umuyobozi mukuru wungirije w’agateganyo

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Saturday, March 8, 2014


(Reuters) - South Africa expelled three Rwandan diplomats it linked to a raid on an exiled Rwandan general's Johannesburg home, and Rwanda has retaliated by ordering out six South African envoys, officials said on Friday.
The row strained ties between two African states involved in efforts to bring peace to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where South Africa has troops in a U.N. brigade that fought last year against rebels whom U.N. experts said received support from Rwanda. Kigali denied backing the Congolese rebels.
Late on Monday, armed men broke into the Johannesburg home of former Rwandan army chief General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, an exiled critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
Nyamwasa, who survived an assassination attempt in Johannesburg in 2010, was not in the house at the time.

A diplomatic source, who asked not to be named, told Reuters that South African security services had tracked the attackers. "It was very clear that they were intelligence personnel attached to the Rwandan embassy," the source added.
Three diplomats from the Rwandan mission in Pretoria were ordered out of the country in 48 hours this week. Kigali's tit-for-tat expulsions followed on Friday.
"We have expelled six S. African diplomats in reciprocity & concern at SA harboring of dissidents responsible for terrorist attacks in Rwanda," Rwandan Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said in a comment on her Twitter account.
South African police have also been investigating the New Year's Eve murder in a posh Johannesburg hotel of another exiled Kagame opponent, former Rwandan spy chief Patrick Karegeya.
Exiled Rwandan opposition members have accused Kagame and his government of being responsible for Karegeya's death and for attacks on Nyamwasa and other overseas-based critics.
They deny Kigali's charges that they are behind "terrorist" attacks in Rwanda.
Kagame and senior Rwandan officials have denied any involvement in the attacks on exiled opponents, but have called them traitors who should not expect forgiveness or pity.
Brian Dube, spokesman for South Africa's State Security Agency, would not comment on the expulsions but confirmed the country's security services had been looking into the attacks against the exiled Rwandans.
The United States in January expressed concern over what it called "politically motivated murders of prominent Rwandan exiles".
David Batenga, a nephew of the slain Rwandan spy chief Karegeya, called for the closure of the Rwandan embassy in South Africa.
"It's not an embassy, it's an operation center for planning missions to kill innocent civilians," he told Reuters.
Etienne Mutabazi, deputy chairman in South Africa of the opposition Rwanda National Congress, of which Karegeya and Nyamwasa were founding members, said the expulsion of the Rwandan diplomats was "long overdue" and called their activities "criminal".
"Diplomats are here to represent their country, they have immunity, but they should not abuse that immunity," he said.
In January, Kagame, who has won Western praise for rebuilding Rwanda after the 1994 genocide there, defended his nation's right to self-defense against those who "betray" it.
"We didn't do it, but my question is - shouldn't we have done it?" Kagame said at a January 12 prayer breakfast, clearly referring to Karegeya's death but without naming him.
"No one will betray Rwanda and get away with it. Regardless of who you are, there will be consequences," Kagame said.
Karegeya fled to South Africa in 2007 after allegedly plotting a coup against Kagame with Nyamwasa.
(Additional reporting by Jenny Clover in Kigali; Writing by Pascal Fletcher; Editing by Ed Cropley and Tom Heneghan)

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Monday, March 3, 2014

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]



February 27, 2014

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Rwanda is a constitutional republic dominated by a strong presidency. The ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) led a coalition that included four smaller parties. In 2010 voters elected President Paul Kagame to a second seven-year term with 93 percent of the vote. Three other registered political parties participated in the elections. Elections for parliament’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, took place in September. Candidates from the RPF and two other parties that support RPF policies won all of the open seats, and election observers reported numerous flaws, including possible irregularities in the vote tabulation process. State security forces (SSF) generally reported to civilian authorities, although there were instances in which elements of the security forces acted independently of civilian control.
The most important human rights problems in the country remained the government’s targeting of political opponents and human rights advocates for harassment, arrest, and abuse; disregard for the rule of law among security forces and the judiciary; restrictions on civil liberties; and support of a rebel group in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Other major human rights problems included arbitrary or unlawful killings both inside and outside of the country, disappearances, torture, harsh conditions in prisons and detention centers, arbitrary arrest, prolonged pretrial detention, and government infringement on citizens’ privacy rights. The government restricted freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and association. Security for refugees and asylum seekers improved but was at times inadequate. The government restricted and harassed local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Violence and discrimination against women and children occurred, including the recruitment by the M23 armed group of Rwandan and refugee minors as child soldiers. There was a small and declining incidence of trafficking in persons. The government restricted labor rights, and child labor continued to be a problem.
The government generally took steps to prosecute or punish officials who committed abuses, whether in the security services or elsewhere, but impunity involving civilian officials and the SSF was a problem.
During the year the government provided material, logistical, and strategic support to the M23 armed group in the eastern DRC, which committed summary executions and forcibly recruited adults and minors. The government strongly denied providing any support to the M23, and in November the M23 was defeated and ceased operations.

Rescue War Refugees

SOS refugees: =>Medical problems:tuberculosis, malaria, gastroenteritis, dehydration and intestinal infestation. =>Provide them meal, clothing,education,safe place to live and Justice.

Human and Civil Rights

Human Rights, Mutual Respect and Dignity For all Rwandans : Hutus - Tutsis - Twas

KIBEHO: Rwandan Auschwitz

Kibeho Concetration Camp.

Mass murderers C. Sankara

Stephen Sackur’s Hard Talk.

Gén. D. Tauzin Demande Justice

Le Général Tauzian réclame la Justice pour la France et pour les Soldats français. Les Présidents Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande ne font que ridicuriser les soldats français qui payent de leurs vies pour la France. Plutôt que rendre hommage à la France et à l'armée française, ils n'ont fait que prendre partie pour l'ennemi de la France. Il l'explique dans le vidéo qui suit:

Prof. Allan C. Stam

Prof. Allan C. Stam Mich.University U-M Professor of Political Science and Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies Prof. Allan C Stam Michigan University Understanding the Rwanda Genocide - Full version

The killing Fields - Part 1

The killing Fields - Part II

Daily bread for Rwandans

The killing Fields - Part III

Prof. Christian Davenport

Prof. Christian Davenport Michigan University & Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies

Time has come: Regime change

Drame rwandais- justice impartiale

Carla Del Ponte, Ancien Procureur au TPIR:"Le drame rwandais mérite une justice impartiale" - et réponse de Gerald Gahima

Sheltering 2,5 million refugees

Credible reports camps sheltering 2,500 million refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed. The UN refugee agency says it has credible reports camps sheltering 2,5 milion refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed.

Latest videos

Peter Erlinder comments on the BBC documentary "Rwanda's Untold Story Madam Victoire Ingabire,THE RWANDAN AUNG SAN SUU KYI

Rwanda, un génocide en questions

Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en... par BernardLugan Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en questions"

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