You can't stop thinking

“I’m never gonna hold you like I did / Or say I love you to the kids / You’re never gonna see it in my eyes / It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry / I’m not gonna miss you.” The situation is undeniably hurtful but we can'stop thinking we’re heartbroken over the loss of our beloved ones. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom". Malcolm X

A Candle For Remembering

A Candle For Remembering
May this memorial candle lights up the historical past of our beloved Country: Rwanda, We love U so much. If Tears could build a stairway. And memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven. To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it And. Only Paul Kagame knows why. My heart still aches with sadness. And secret tears still flow. What It meant to lose you. No one will ever know.

Welcome to Home Truths

The year is 1994, the Fruitful year and the Start of a long epoch of the Rwandan RPF bloody dictatorship. Rwanda and DRC have become a unique arena and fertile ground for wars and lies. Tutsi RPF members deny Rights and Justice to the Hutu majority, to Congolese people, publicly claim the status of victim as the only SurViVors while millions of Hutu, interior Tutsi and Congolese people were butchered. Please make RPF criminals a Day One priority. Allow voices of the REAL victims to be heard.

Everybody Hurts

“Everybody Hurts” is one of the rare songs on this list that actually offers catharsis. It’s beautifully simple: you’re sad, but you’re not alone because “everybody hurts, everybody cries.” You’re human, in other words, and we all have our moments. So take R.E.M.’s advice, “take comfort in your friends,” blast this song, have yourself a good cry, and then move on. You’ll feel better, I promise.—Bonnie Stiernberg


About US

AS Foundation Founder, Webmaster, Editor-in-chief and Publisher. Search and meet Libre Penseur, the Man who stands firm on his priniciples. I am working for a pro-peace humanitarian organization with no political agenda. Make your voice heard around the globe. You think it, you write it. Dear SurViVors: Nobody’s going to help you. It’s all up to you. Make it happen for yourself. However, there's a common knowledge to remember : "No man is an island". Will be possible for me to realize my dream and say : *.*The war is over, the hunting trip on Hutus comes to an end, the Evil is taken away, the reign of Terror comes to an end in Rwanda, my beloved homeland. As we stand on the precipice of Paul Kagame war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide, call on the Regime change in Rwanda. Will you just sit back and watch Paul Kagame destroying the Human kind or will you stand up with African SurViVors and make your voice heard? Nothing is said about Kagame's arrest. Many are asleep, wrapped up their day to day lives. However, if and if you are awake, it is your responsibility to wake others! Spread the word, Ask for Paul Kagame's removal and indictment, take action.*.*

Paul Kagame admits ordering...

Paul Kagame admits ordering the 1994 assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda.

Why did Kagame this to me?

Why did Kagame this to me?
Can't forget. He murdered my mother. What should be my reaction? FYI: the number of orphans in Rwanda has skyrocketed since the 1990's Kagame's invasion. Much higher numbers of orphans had and have no other option but joining FDLR fighters who are identified as children that have Lost their Parents in Kagame's Wars inside and outside of Rwanda.If someone killed your child/spouse/parent(s) would you seek justice or revenge? Deep insight: What would you do to the person who snuffed the life of someone I love beyond reason? Forgiving would bring me no solace. If you take what really matters to me, I will show you what really matters. NITUTIRWANAHO TUZASHIRA. IGIHE KIRAGEZE.If democracy is to sell one's motherland(Africa), for some zionits support, then I prefer the person who is ready to give all his live for his motherland. Viva President Putin!!!

RPF committed the unspeakable

RPF committed the unspeakable
The perverted RPF committed the unspeakable.Two orphans, together against the world. Point is the fact that their parents' murder by Kagame & RPF held no shock in the Western world. Up to now, kagame and his death squads still enjoy impunity. What goes through someone's mind as they know RPF murdered their parents? A delayed punishment is actually an encouragment to crime. “I always think I am a peaceful person but if someone harmed someone near and dear to me, I don't think I could be so peaceful. I would like to believe that I would seek justice - I would devote myself to bringing the 'perp' to a non-happy ending but would that be enough? You'd have to be in the situation I suppose before you could actually know how you would feel or what you would do”. Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, Libre Penseur

Inzira ndende


Hutu Children & their Mums

Hutu Children & their Mums
Look at them ! How they are scared to death. Many Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi, Foreign human rights advocates, jounalists and and lawyers are now on Death Row Waiting to be murdered by Kagame and his RPF death squads. Be the last to know.


Rwanda-rebranding-Targeting dissidents abroad, despite war crimes and repression Rwanda has “A well primed PR machine”, and that this has been key in “persuading the key members of the international community that it has an exemplary constitution emphasizing democracy, power-sharing, and human rights which it fully respects”. It concluded: “The truth is, however, the opposite.” Rwanda has hired several PR firms to work on deflecting criticism, and rebranding the country.

Targeting dissidents abroad One of the more worrying aspects of Racepoint’s objectives was to “Educate and correct the ill informed and factually incorrect information perpetuated by certain groups of expatriates and NGOs,” including, presumably, the critiques of the crackdown on dissent among political opponents overseas. This should be seen in the context of accusations that Rwanda has plotted to kill dissidents abroad. A recent investigation by the Globe and Mail claims, “Rwandan exiles in both South Africa and Belgium – speaking in clandestine meetings in secure locations because of their fears of attack – gave detailed accounts of being recruited to assassinate critics of President Kagame….

Ways To Get Rid of Kagame

How to proceed for revolution in Rwanda:
  1. The people should overthrow the Rwandan dictator (often put in place by foreign agencies) and throw him, along with his henchmen and family, out of the country – e.g., the Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines.Compaore of Burkina Faso
  2. Rwandans organize a violent revolution and have the dictator killed – e.g., Ceaucescu in Romania.
  3. Foreign powers (till then maintaining the dictator) force the dictator to exile without armed intervention – e.g. Mátyás Rákosi of Hungary was exiled by the Soviets to Kirgizia in 1970 to “seek medical attention”.
  4. Foreign powers march in and remove the dictator (whom they either instated or helped earlier) – e.g. Saddam Hussein of Iraq or Manuel Noriega of Panama.
  5. The dictator kills himself in an act of desperation – e.g., Hitler in 1945.
  6. The dictator is assassinated by people near him – e.g., Julius Caesar of Rome in 44 AD was stabbed by 60-70 people (only one wound was fatal though).
  7. Organise strikes and unrest to paralyze the country and convince even the army not to support the dictaor – e.g., Jorge Ubico y Castañeda was ousted in Guatemala in 1944 and Guatemala became democratic, Recedntly in Burkina Faso with the dictator Blaise Compaoré.

Almighty God :Justice for US

Almighty God :Justice for US
Hutu children's daily bread: Intimidation, Slavery, Sex abuses led by RPF criminals and Kagame, DMI: Every single day, there are more assassinations, imprisonment, brainwashing & disappearances. Do they have any chance to end this awful life?

Killing Hutus on daily basis

Killing Hutus on daily basis
RPF targeted killings, very often in public areas. Killing Hutus on daily basis by Kagame's murderers and the RPF infamous death squads known as the "UNKNOWN WRONGDOERS"

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya
Rape, torture and assassination and unslaving of hutu women. Genderside: Rape has always been used by kagame's RPF as a Weapon of War, the killings of Hutu women with the help of Local Defense Forces, DMI and the RPF military

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes
How torture flourishes across Rwanda despite extensive global monitoring

Fighting For Our Freedom?

Fighting For Our Freedom?
We need Freedom, Liberation of our fatherland, Human rights respect, Mutual respect between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority


Thursday, April 24, 2014

  1. Gestern, am Montag, dem 7. April, fanden in Ruanda die Gedenkfeiern für den „Völkermord an den Tutsi“ statt.
  2. On Monday 7th of April the commemorations on the „Genocide“ in Rwanda took place.

In fact the Rwanda “Genocide” was the “Masterpiece” of the US Power Elite. They pushed the powerthirsty Tutsi aristocracy to a war of aggression, leading to about a million dead people, claimed it to be the attempted genocide on the Tutsi and declared Kagame and his military bandits of the RPF to be the saints saving the Tutsi within Rwanda (for whom in reality they didn´t care at all).

 But many times the polititians found more tactful expressions, “the international community”, those clinging to “Western values” have to do the job (of savin Africa)! And the bourgeois concept about Fascism was revived, portraying Fascism not as a means of capitalist policy under pressure in order to disciplin the workers, but claiming it to be a tendency of the dump masses, envying the wealthy people and getting hysterical.

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Monday, April 21, 2014

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

Kagame's mentors behind the Rwandan Genocide. It is STRICTLY the Rwandan genocide.

What then after the findings showing that The United States masterminded the Rwandan Genocide?

The aftermath of the Rwandan genocide has left Hutu victims and survivors with persistent emotional and mental health problems. Hutu victims still retain no rights to be present, informed and heard, to have a voice in all media such as national and worldwide TV, they are prevented to get equal rights on national and international scenes or be informed, present and heard during different panel discussions or international decisions.

The United States responsibility has been done by inflicting serious damages on the Hutu ethnic majority in Rwanda in this area and this since October 1st, 1990 up to now. The Hutus, who make up about 85% of Rwanda’s population, are strictly and equally denied higher education, land ownership and positions in the RPF government, which uses discriminative and ethnic oppression to maintain them as second citizens.

 After the United states launched the war and fabricated a kind of civil war in Rwanda, they started by killing them and using all genocidal methods and ways including  the methods that still cause serious bodily or mental harm to the Hutus with the aim to exterminate them.

Inspired by the 
Planned Parenthood Genocide, Kagame and his mentors'acts of genocidal violence against Hutus are frequently occurring inside and outside of Rwanda. We saw Hutu children forcibly transferred in the Tutsi families as a pretext to prevent them from the fictitious genocidal ideology. Under the pretext of the birth control, we saw established the Hutu Project with ethnic sterilization campaigns duriçng which several measures are imposed with the intention of preventing births within the Hutu community. It is STRICTLY genocide.
Hutus are prevented from perpetuating their group identity by prohibitions against cultural and religious practices that are the basis of that identity, telling them that there is no ethnic groups in Rwanda, that those who speak about it must held in prison for genocidal ideology and at the same time wrongly blaming them for carrying out the genocide against the Tutsis thought manipulations and demagogy. 

The cruelest trick that the United States and their allies have ever done to Hutu ethnic members is to take them into the created for them International criminal Court in Arusha, Tanzania and erase all of the Kagame and RPF members’ criminal records forcing them to accept intellectual, cultural and religious inferiority comparatively to the Tutsis. The extent of the problem is found in many published documents on the blog and in other non-biased articles on the topic.

Therefore, they should recognize that there are criticisms that condemn the US invasion using Uganda as their proxy army and RPF killers the then rebels made up by the CIA, the Pentagon and the US military. They should deeply aware of the fact that acts by US in the last 20 years caused tremendous suffering and damage to the Rwandan people as a whole and the genocide against the Hutu majority in particular, including the Tutsi massacres that took place in 1994.

The United States should review their foreign policy towards Rwanda and from there apologize themselves by removing Paul Kagame, the tyrant and criminal dictator of Rwanda following the path of a pacifist way with remorse and determination that such crimes must end and never be repeated. The Unites States of America should keenly and consciously take responsibility for the serious damage that they caused in the last 20 years to the Hutu and Tutsi people through Kagame’s wars and deeply reproaches themselves for the genocide that is going on in Rwanda with the establishment of the Tutsi apartheid strengthened by the enslavement of the Hutu majority of Rwanda.

Authoritarianism, Slavery and apartheid in Rwanda: The impact after more than 20 years of the Tutsi minority rule.
The United States should recognize that there was a period of more than two decades in this century when they brought to bear great sufferings upon Rwanda and its people. The long period, that severely injured the honor and dignity of millions of Hutu women who suffered immeasurable pain and incurable physical and psychological wounds as Human Beings. Nothing injured the honor and dignity of women more than Kagame’s war and atrocities (RPF Akandoyi trademark).

The United States should overwhelmingly regret and therefore stop the ammunition of the Tutsi minority in Rwanda and end up with fueling the Hutu-Tutsi tensions by calling Hutu genocidaires and or presumed genocidaires, the best and speedy way of enslaving the Hutus.
Moreover, they should regret the unleashing of rampant apartheid in  Rwanda and the already enslaving of the Hutu for maintaining them in poverty as they face daily  intimidations, assassinations, forced disappearances, imprisonment of political opponents, a situation that brought and still carries out great devastation to the people of Rwanda and Burundi, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They Unites States should give their word not to repeat such things a second time. This awareness and regret should be emphasized especially in the relationship between both ethnic groups, the American people and the rest of those western countries for which media (Belgian RTL and BBC world) and fake NGOs (Collectif d'Allain Gautier and his Tutsi wife Daphrose) and acts were used to tarnish the Hutu image and speed up their enslavement through fabricated guilty records and forced criminalization against the Hutu population.

The United States should deeply apologize for the tragedy in which Hutus were brought not of their own free will but by the design United States and Kagame have masterminded. We daily notice assassinated Hutu ethnic members, imprisonment of those against the RPF regime, raped women and disabused children; on the other hand the Hutu refugees were mass-murdered in the DRC however, United States refuse justice for them by vetoeing against any resolution requesting to end the RPF impunity.

Who should be held accountable for crimes of war, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide they committed against the Hutu ethnic members?  Should president Obama apologize for what his predecessors did let him get on with it?


We have heard other people arguing that as the United States and individual Americans have fueled and or funded the Hutu-Tutsi tensions and hatred between both ethnic groups inside and outside Rwanda. If so, they should not be pardoned.  There should be even exemplary punishment against those individuals who masterminded the Rwandan genocide.  If there is a better way to resolve the problem, then Rwandan and American people, helped by an independent commission set especially for that by law makers from both nations, will look into it.

Rwandans won’t a wishy-washy, non-committal, half-hearted apology.

Even if the United States should be on bended knees for decimating the majority Hutu and now enslaved Hutu survivors in Rwanda, we all know that a wishy--washy, non-committal, half-hearted apology can’t help victims of Kagame’s wars to stand up again with their honor and dignity.

Kagame and RPF government and pro-RPF organizations have enough tarnished the Hutu image with the purpose of taking them away from power. Just go
back even further and you will get the to the highest incarceration rate in the world and assassinations of those who speak out or refuse to kneel before the bloody Rwandan criminal Paul Kagame, the permanent silencing and criminalizing of the Hutu.

The United States should cease to use proxy armies and the Tutsi rebels
elsewhere in Africa and in the African Great Lakes Region in particular and stop the whitewashing many ways of RPF crimes headed by the Rwandan gory criminal and self-elected president Paul Kagame. On the contrary, the US should help Rwandans to liberate them from the Kagame tyranny by all means with the purpose of reconciling both Hutu and Tutsi ethnic members.

From these above mentioned circumsntances, Rwandans won’t such an apology that attempts to absolve the United States of humiliation, stereotypes and prejudices, assassinations and mass-murder established to speed up the extermination of the Hutu population. 

The Rwandan Hutus won’t an apology from United States that is calculated to make it seem as if they didn’t know, or they have misjudged consequences; we won’t such an apology where United States might say they are praying for us or use other religious references in an attempt to make themselves seem too nice, religious or Godly to have actually done what we say they did. We all know that such meaningless apologies are given for the purpose of benefiting the perpetrators in some way instead of helping the Hutu victims and survivors to feel better.

Continual study and research must be conducted to help the arrest all of those individuals and their networks, NGO’s and, western media involved in the ongoing genocide against the Hutu population if we are to remain alert to the short and long-term effects of the Rwandan holocaust, to learn of Hutu victims and survivors' needs, and to direct and aid in necessary Hutu and Tutsi service programs.

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Saturday, April 19, 2014


The revelation has nothing to do with the American People.

For more than 20 years the bloody rwandan dictator Kagame is pumped up about killing Hutus and Congolese people


Bill Clinton behind the pre-conceived plot in the Rwanda genocide

He not only refused to intervene, he actively sought that happen

The day Bill Clinton landed on airport Kigali in March 1997 to meet his friend Paul Kagame, the American people and the rest of the world thought he was there, for reasons of compassion. Well, that was a mistake! Bill Clinton was very worried because of the discovery of the secret of the tragedy of Rwanda. That day, Clinton was able to deliver a speech well calculated, but it betrays the depths of his heart and failed to mention the genocide in his remarks: « It may seem strange to you here, especially many of you who have lost family members, but people like me sitting in offices, day after day, have not been able to fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which terrorism « unimaginable you swallowed them. Outside of content of speech, the key here is time: it was in March 1997! Do you remember what happened a few days before the end of February 1997? Well, the ICTR judge from Australia, Michael Hourigan, in the secret depths of his special investigations, it was discovered that Kagame and Bill Clinton who killed Habyarimana’s plane, triggering the Rwanda tragedy. Michael Hourigan was afraid to publicly highlight the name of Clinton. But today, 16 years later, in a video conference data from its native country, Australia, Hourigan believes it is time to tell the truth to the world.

So how the truth has been disclosed? It was February 26, 1997. U.S. Embassy in Kigali, the ICTR investigator Michael Hourigan (Australia) was the famous « Phone Call from Rwanda » to his boss in The Hague (Holland), the chief prosecutor of the ICTR Louise Arbour (the Canada) to make him aware of the highly sensitive information he had discovered .. Immediately, « Kind Lady » booming, called New York to inform the Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The « Cold Bath » Kofi Annan knew two years before, in the office of Foreign Minister Ndagijimana JMV in Kigali, Rwanda, that was Bill Clinton who ordered the assassination of Habyarimana and hoped that this information n ‘ would never be revealed. Kofi Annan informed immediately Madeleine Albright, Secretary of « State Clinton chose Kofi Annan as Secretary General of the UN to replace » Frenchy « Boutros Ghali. Madeleine Albright landed in the Oval Office in a short time: » Mr. President Our action against France in the Rwandan tragedy is output.

ICTR investigators found that we shot down « French. This was the beginning of the long history of hide and seek: Louise Arbour ordered to dismiss the ICTR Prosecutor Michael Hourigan and terminate the investigation. Kofi Annan was instructed to send to Rwanda Michael Hall of the UN Security services to organize a rapid departure of Michael Hourigan Rwanda. Then Bill Clinton ordered Madeleine Albright put pressure on the ICTR judges and not to investigate the incident that triggered the genocide in Rwanda: the shooting down of the plane of Habyarimana. These orders were preventing adequate to ensure the spirit of peace in Clinton? The idea of being called one day, one American Terrorist hurts: « No Witness MUST Survive. » Nobody must know I shot Habyarimana, a former senior Clinton can recall using today.

Bill Clinton wanted to meet immediately Paul Kagame, his friend in terrorism. « Yes, Sir, » answered the time Madeleine Albright and Susan Rice, as students in the classroom. A few days later, Bill Clinton landed at the airport in Kigali, Rwanda, and after the famous speech, he ordered Paul Kagame to kill anyone who may know the assassination of Habyarimana, starting with those listed on the memo Hourigan had given Louise Arbour in The Hague a few days ago: it was the beginning of the long history of assassinations around the world and around the clock. It is in this spirit of evil camouflage classified by Bill Clinton and Seth Sendashonga Théoneste LIZINDE who helped Clinton agents to kill Habyarimana’s plane were assasssiné in Nairobi, Kenya, a few weeks later. And recently, Bill Clinton advised Kagame to assassinate Faustin Nyamwasa Rwandan general in South Africa and the attack failed when Clinton was quick to South Africa to pressure to hush up the affair.

But how Bill Clinton became involved in terrorist acts behind Kagame? « The day the wall of the cold war was shot in Berlin in 1989 among the many festivities, French President François Mitterrand did not know that France would be the next target of the American Empire. 20 years later from there, the image of the invisible American war against France is terrible: 12 million people killed in Francophone Africa and a certified case of genocide in Rwanda. And the victims are all African Negroes. So, who knew? And when they knew it? Well, unfortunately, the man who first had the idea on the table infamous Black is our Hero, General Colin Powell.

Everything begins November 25, 1987, California, in the hills of Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara ranch, President Reagan. General is happy to tell his boss that the Cold War ended with the Soviets: « Mr. President, the Kremlin no longer has the stamina to exercise, the Defence Secretary George Shultz concluded a nuclear agreement with the Soviets yesterday.  » The President, in all the excitement, asked the General to find a new enemy to fight. And the new enemy is the French Empire in Africa. Congo’s resources have been identified as essential to seize a treasure by any means, including genocide. As a new order coming out of Washington, French president François Mitterrand perceived threat and to prevent, decided to anticipate changes. He invited all African presidents under its control to La Baule (France) and imposed a radical change in public governance (democracy) to correct the so-called « French Errors » in Sarkozy’s speech to the apology Gisozi Genocide Memorial (Rwanda) in February 2010 to comply with the will of Mr.Kouchner, the Foreign Minister and his friend Paul Kagame proclaimed.

But it was too late! Washington was not interested in democracy in Africa, Washington was more attracted by the immense mineral resources of Congo.

Bill Clinton entered the Oval Office at the right time with the right people. But he made a big mistake by choosing an uneducated man and soldier baby eg Paul Kagame. October 1, 1990, as President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda refused to betray the French, the Pentagon decided to invade Rwanda from Uganda, hiding behind the rebel RPF. That day, President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda was in Washington and the U.S. State Department offered him asylum in exchange for giving all powers to Kagame’s RPF. The President declined the offer and returned to Rwanda. From October 1990 to January 1993, the Pentagon (Dick Cheney, Colin Powell) helped Kagame, giving him everything he needed to overthrow the government of Rwanda. But as France landed troops in Rwanda to push for democracy and negotiations between the Rwandan government and the RPF, Washington realized that it is not possible to invade the Congo with a democratic government in Rwanda: Washington man needs a proxy in Rwanda. It is here that vienti a plan B: the assassination of Hutu leaders!

In September 1993, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon and the CIA to help Kagame to assassinate the Hutu president of Burundi, Melchior Ndadaye neighboring Rwanda and ally of France. On 20 October 1993, Kagame with death squads and CIA agents traveled to Bujumbura: President Ndadaye was murdered, cut with knives, « Kagame method » to kill his victims. When Kagame returned to Kampala a few days after his ugly mission in Bujumbura, he was received by Brian Atwood, the director of USAID, to finalize the plan to assassinate President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda.

As an informant can confirm today, Kagame hesitated and warned a cataclysm in Rwanda when President Habyarimana was to be killed as his Burundian counterpart Ndadaye. But Bill Clinton, through its Ambassador George Moose, Kagame said that the assassination of Habyarimana was the only way to win the war quickly. The CIA estimates that 50 thousand people would be killed after the assassination of Habyarimana, a sacrifice acceptable and a good price for a good cause. The Pentagon has promised to provide all necessary Kagame, including intelligence and military assistance.

Kagame accepted the risk and invited LIZINDE and Kanyarengwe two Hutu rebels and former allies of President Habyarimana, implement a plan of assassination. Alex Kanyarengwe proposed an attack against the « plane of Habyarimana and Théoneste LIZINDE indicated the best place to shoot the presidential plane: Masaka Hill, near the airport Kanombe. In December 1993, Kagame met again Brian Atwood and Prudence Bushnell U.S. Ambassador George Moose « Tell Clinton that I need money and » arms, a high ranking official of the RPF in exile remembers today. Clinton, through Kampala, gave all Kagame’s rebellion: money, men, intelligence (information) and weapons were supplied by Hercules C130 aircraft. tactics to kill Habyarimana policies were carried out by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the request of Bill Clinton. Tanzanian President Hassan Mwinyi joined the plot and President Habyarimana was forced to go to Dar-Es-Salaam on 6 April 1994, for a meeting infamous He never returned home.

So, what happened that day? On 6 April 1994, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon to send 450 U.S. rangers in Burundi to assist CIA in Rwanda to execute the assassination smoothly. That day, in the morning, Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s Ambassador to the UN, ordered General Roméo Dallaire (Canada) who was in Rwanda as commander of the UN forces, facilitate the RPF and the CIA to travel to Akagera National Park, with UN vehicles to monitor the return of Tanzania Habyarimana’s plane in the evening, and alert the team to Terrorist Masaka Hill to prepare for the explosion in flight.

The same day, President Yoweri Museveni has received the order for Clinton to make sure that the Habyarimana back to Kigali to be done at night. A 20H 01 ‘, the spies detected the CIAs Habyarimana’s plane above the Akagera National Park, immediately warned headquarters in Mulindi Kagame and called U.S. troops already stationed on Bujumbura airport, then the Ambassador of the United States to Burundi, Robert Kruer, to be ready for a possible catastrophe in Rwanda. Mulindi, which was based the headquarters of the RPF, Kagame sent a radio message to the terrorist team already stationed at Masaka Hill to prepare to descend the aircraft (Black Bag job).

In Washington, Bill Clinton sat in the Oval Office, pending « Good » News. In Kigali, the Canadian General Romeo Dallaire off all phones and its disappearance, engaged in secret talks with officials from the CIA. At 8:21 p.m., around Kigali airport, the pilot Habyarimana, a French, radioed the control tower received permission to land. But during the descent from the runway, took off two missiles from Masaka Hill to the presidential plane. Nobody on board survived.

The good news came to the White House in no time and Anthony Lake, Bill Clinton, National Security Advisor became Oval Office: Mr. Speaker, we have: Congo will be American. A few minutes later, Robert Flaten, U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda at the time, was on the phone to confirm the report. It was a joy in the White House (JUST LIKE IN 1996 AS REFUGEES WERE MASS-SLAUGTERED)and a sad day to the Champs Elysées. The ultimate objective was to overthrow the Congo from France and occupy the vast Congolese mineral resources. Bill Clinton has agreed to support the rebels in return Kagame Kagame and acting as a proxy for U.S. invade Congo and overthrow the government Frenchy Mobutu. In March 1997, Clinton landed at Kigali airport and gave the infamous speech. Then, hiding behind Kagame, he invaded the Congo has killed 8 million people including Spanish nationals, overthrew France and looted Congo’s resources: hundreds of millions of dollars ended up in the pocket Clinton and Kagame can afford two luxury private jets and a huge building in London with Tony Blair as co-holder of the share.

But in January 2009, when Obama became U.S. President Clinton and Kagame, who were friends in crime, become enemies to justice. Why? Obama Kagame ordered the arrest of the Congo General Laurent Nkunda and Kagame reaction plotted to kill Obama, seeking help from Clinton and Tony Blair to shoot Air Force One, in exactly the same way he done to eliminate Dr. Alison Des Forges. When the information became public, probably knew that Obama, Clinton himself had taken the distance Kagame. At the same time, the ICTR found the perpetrators of the assassination of Habyarimana, and now the family of the victims are seeking justice in the courts. The trial in the court of Oklahoma is seeking 350 million U.S. dollars in compensation for the killing of terrorist Airport Kigali on 6 April 1994, Kagame money can not afford. 

But Kagame also killed 8 million, including Spanish nationals in the Congo during the illegal invasion and illegal occupation of Bill Clinton order. How much money will be needed to compensate all the victims? Who will pay, Kagame or Clinton? Spanish judge says Bill Clinton must pay this money. And man Skinney Kigali understood and is ready to accuse Bill Clinton before the Court if Hillary Clinton begins to criticize publicly. The strong man of Kigali is in a good position to destroy America. And he began to intimidate the United States publicly: « The (…), you know the West (…), Clinton ordered me to kill Habyarimana (…), to invade Congo (…), and now he wants me to face justice alone (…) « . A senior RPF (Kagame Secret Sevices), several American politicians find themselves in court on charges of terrorism if Kagame is stopped: Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Bill Perry, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Suzan Rice Brian Atwood, Anthony Lake, John Shalikashvili, Pierre Richard Prosper, Robert Kruer, Kofi Annan, Roméo Dallaire, Louise Arbour and much more.

So what about Kagame? Is an innocent man? Many lawyers believe that Kagame in Spain is an innocent man. It is shown that Bill Clinton ordered to kill Habyarimana and Kagame « s forced to invade the Congo, Kagame can not be stopped, and all the responsibility falls on Bill Clinton. Accordance with the law and the theory of Agency , Kagame is an innocent man, as he acted on the orders of his chief Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame is poised to prove it.

Behind the scenes, the case of « Kagame vs. Clinton » in court is currently attracting many lawyers around the world. Because it is easy to defend Kagame in the courtroom, to win the case and millions of dollars in cash from Bill Clinton. But recently, in Toronto (Canada), Bill Clinton has denied any involvement in the tragedy of Rwanda. Was it fair? A few weeks ago, I posed this question to a former counsel to Bill Clinton: How do you react to these Spanish judges who intend to stop Clinton on charges of terrorism in Rwanda and Congo in 1994 as the « Agency theory »? « Well, you know, theories are nice, but in the courtroom, they need » evidence.

But the French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere told me several years ago: there is enough evidence implicating Clinton in the assassination of Habyarimana. The australienn lawyer and former ICTR Prosecutor Michael Hourigan confirmed the report. Former Chief ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte (Switzerland) confirmed the involvement of Bill Clinton. Kagame himself understood the danger and it is likely that he is ready to tell the truth to save his life. And former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda Robert Flaten confirmed that U.S. Rangers were stationed on Bujumbura airport on 6 April 1994, which was sent there, what were they doing in a francophone country, and why day?
« People do not know the day Bill Clinton is arrested, but already a Spanish judge is ready to shock with America. »

Source: Audiencia Nazionale, Madrid, S 

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

Kagame & RPF: master liars and manipulators.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford
In what may be the world’s most bizarre spectacle, notables from around the globe this year pay homage to Rwandan President Paul Kagame, as if he is the savior of Africa. “For 20 years, Kagame has posed as the soldier who stopped the Rwandan genocide, when all evidence and logic point to him as the main perpetrator of the crime.”
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Kagame: Murderer of Millions in Congo and Rwanda

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Thanks to western media, the 1994 bloodbath in Rwanda is almost universally remembered only as a genocide against Tutsis.”
Paul Kagame, the U.S.-backed warlord and dictator of Rwanda, last week accused France and Belgium ofcomplicity in the mass killings in his country 20 years ago. It is true that France and Belgium, along with Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, are collectively responsible for the extermination of hundreds of millions – of whole peoples – all across the globe. However, in the case of the Rwanda genocide of 1994, the main criminals are Paul Kagame, himself, and his allies in neighboring Uganda and in the United States. After the frenzy of killing was done, U.S. President Bill Clinton and Ugandan strongman Yoweri Museveni then joined with Kagame to launch a war against the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo that has claimed six million lives – the greatest genocide, by far, since World War Two.
Back in 1994, Paul Kagame commanded thousands of Tutsi soldiers who had only recently been part of the Ugandan army, where Kagame served as chief of intelligence. Kagame had also studied at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His men invaded Rwanda, killing thousands of mostly Hutu civilians, in their drive to reestablish minority Tutsi rule over the country. In the midst of peace negotiations, someone shot down the plane that was carrying Rwanda’s Hutu president, Juvenal Habyarimana, and Cyprien Ntaryamira, also a Hutu and president of neighboring Burundi, a country with virtually the same history of Tutsi domination. The deaths of the two Hutu presidents set off renewed fighting – which the United States did nothing to prevent – resulting in the bloody return of the minority Tutsis to power, and the exile of over a million Hutus. Many tens of thousands of Hutus died before the presidents’ plane went down, and many more were slaughtered by Kagame’s forces afterwards but, thanks to western media, the 1994 bloodbath in Rwanda is almost universally remembered only as a genocide against Tutsis.
The most logical murder suspect is Kagame’s own rebel Tutsi army.”
So, who shot down the presidents’ plane and set off this catastrophic chain of events? Paul Kagame and the United States make the fantastic claim that the Hutus killed their own presidents, in fear that they might sign a peace deal. There is no evidence of such a plot, which sounds counterintuitive on its face. The most logical murder suspect is Kagame’s own rebel Tutsi army, which was formed for the purpose of overthrowing Hutu majority governments in Rwanda and Burundi – that is, to bring down people like the dead presidents.
For 20 years, Kagame has posed as the soldier who stopped the Rwandan genocide, when all evidence and logic point to him being the main perpetrator of the crime. Three U.S. presidents have acted as Kagame’s eager accomplices, using the bloody cloak of Rwanda to carry out a far larger genocide in the eastern Congo, and to justify the bogus doctrine of humanitarian military intervention.
Paul Kagame, like Barack Obama, has an extensive “Kill List,” and sends assassins around the world to knock off his political opponents. His Tutsi regime is the only ethnic minority government left on the African continent – a darker version of apartheid. And yet, for the next several months notables from all around the globe will pay homage to Paul Kagame – a mass murdering thug and assassin – as if he is the savior of Africa.
For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to
BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Monday, April 7, 2014

*** Ibitekerezo bikubiye muli iyi nyandiko ntbwo ali ibyo ubwanditsi bwa (ASIPress)***

Les faits sont têtus ; seule l'histoire est juge

Mwese mwese mugire amahoro.

Imyaka 25 irashize, abagihagaze mu bavanywe mu byabo mu Ukwakira 1990, abenshi muri bo ntibakigira epfo na ruguru. Tumaze imyaka 20 tutagira igihugu; mu gihe abafashe ubutegetsi mu Rwanda hejuru y’ikinyoma bitiliye uruhembe rw’umuheto babyinira ku urukoma, bacunaguza, batoteza abo bafashe bugwate, bataretse no kunerera abatavuga rumwe na bo. Na none, abanshi mu bo tudasangiye impamvu zatumye tubura igihugu, harimo n’ababigizemo uhuhare, bavuze menshi, babeshya byinshi, uko bwije uko bucyeye ni ko baculikiranya imvugo byongeye kandi batwandikaho ibitagira cumi na kabili. Mu gihe tutagombye kwemera kurenga magingo aya ibyo bibazo bidasutswe hasi ngo tujonjore mo ukuri ko konyine tuzubakiraho ubwiyunge n’ubumwe byacu; abahaye intebe ikinyoma barushijeho kuduteragirana. Dukomeze turebere? Cyangwa se twisuganye, twinyare no mu isunzu? Twegere benemadamu? Ese nta ngingo z’imbaturamugabo dufite koko? Turanyariwe niba tudashyize ubwenge ku guhe.

Ikibazo kibaye agateranzamba kubera ko twese twigize abagenzacyahe. Urega agakora nk’aho we n’abe amategeko atabareba, ntiyemere ko n’iryo genzacyaha likorwa mu bwisanzure, ibyo we avuze agashaka ko bifatwa nk’Ivanjili Ntagatifu. Impungenge zikomeye ni uko abitwa ko bahagaraliye abandi, abiyita ko bakora politiki na société civile rwandaise, basubira mu mvugo y’abafashe ubutegetsi i Kigali. Bose birengagiza nkana ko ku bwicanyi bwabaye nta ankete za gipolisi zakozwe ngo zigaragaze ukuri, ngo zigaragaze uruhare abaregwa n’ababarega bagize mu makuba yagwiliye abanyarwanda. Kuko mu bwicanyi, abarega ni bo bagaragara ku murongo wa mbere w’abacyekwaho ubwo bugome n’urwo rugomo. Njye nsanga ari mu rwego rwo kuyobya uburali no kurangaza abantu, handihwa ibi: “(…) bibeshya ko hari icyo bizabafashaho muri negationnisme yabo ya genocide tutsi. Baribeshya ntacyo bizabafashaho, bo n’abo bavugira, kuko genocide tutsi yarangije kwemezwa n’abanyarwanda ubwabo n’amahanga ko yakozwe n’interahamwe za MRND, impuzamugambi za CDR, hutu power movement na bamwe mu bari muri ex-FAR, amahanga akaba yaranashyizeho urukiko rwo kubacira imanza.” Igihe cyose izo manza z’urugomo zizacibwa hatabanje kwerekanwa mu bisobanuro bufatika: Ni nde wakoze iki? Yabikoze ate? Agamije iki? Yifashishije iki? Ibimenyetso ni ibihe? Iyo ibi bibazo bidasubujwe, ubutabera buba bwaroshye mu nyenga (Pire qu’une erreur judiciaire, le TPIR est un précipice).

I Kigali, nabaga kandi nirirwaga mu muhanda nkorana n’abakinnyi natozaga sinema niteguraga gukinisha, byongeye nk’umwanditsi nakorera rubanda rwose. Imirwano yubuye 1994, nayoboye Inziraguhunga (la résistance civile) mu murwa wa Kigali, nawuvuyemo kuwa kane Nyakanga 1994 ; ntabwo nasohotse mu gihugu; ngaruka i Kigali mbere yo kuwa mbere Mata 1995. Rebero l’Horizon, Inkotanyi ziyihindura ilimbi nagiye kubikurikiranira hafi. Kuwa 20 Kamena 1996, saa ine za mugitondo, nafashwe na CID, mfungirwa mu kigo cya gisilikari, ex-GP, mpavanwa ngana gereza ya Gikondo. Mfunguwe nakoranye n’abanyabugeni banyuranye. Nahagurutse i Kanombe muri Nzeli 2004. Nabonye byinshi; mbwirwa byinshi imbona nkubone. Nandika ibyo mfitiye ibimenyetso simusiga kandi mvuga ibyo nzasubiramo.

Abanyarwanda b’ingeli zose twemera ko kwerekana ukuri, kuvugisha ukuri ari byo byonyine bizatuma twubaka igihugu mu ubwubahane n’ubworoherane bizaba intango ya demokarasi. Iyo abantu bashaka gihamya cy’ibyo bazemeranywaho bose, ibyo basanzwe bemera babisuka hasi, bakabona uko bajonjora, bavangura ukuri n’ibinyoma. Kuki twese tutemera kubikore?

Ishyaka Mdr ryirukana Twagiramungu Fawustini, Gasana Anastazi, Safali Stanley na Rucogoza Fawustini, « ambitions personnelles » zabo zanyuranyaga n’umurongo w’ishyaka biyitiliraga na magingo aya kandi icyo kintu ntibashaka ko kivugwaho. Nibutse ko habaye urubanza rwasomwe ku umugaragaro. Nyuma y’iri yirukanwa, abagiye mu ishyaka tugamije kugera ku ubutegetsi ni bwo twabushyize muri « slogans » zacu tuvuga tuti : Mdr : Power, Power, Is for you ! Dusanze amashyaka yari muri guverinoma imwe na Mrnd agomba kutitwara nk’ari muri opozisiyo kandi ntawe uhangana n’ibyo ayobora, dusaba ubumwe bw’abahutu hagamijwe ubumwe bw’igihugu. Aya magambo « ubumwe bw’abahutu » yari « réplique » ya « Forum Paix et Démocratie » ya nyakwigandera Gapyisi Emmanuel, abirukamwe mu ishyaka bayarwanije bivuye inyuma. Fpr na yo n’abambari bayo barahaguruka. 

 Me Ngango Felesyani ati : « ubumwe bw’abahutu ni crime. » Aha ni ho Fpr, Dr Gasana Anastazi n’abandi bose bakorera Fpr bubakira ikinyoma bagira bati : 
 « (…) bo n’abo bavugira, kuko genocide tutsi yarangije kwemezwa n’abanyarwanda ubwabo n’amahanga ko yakozwe n’interahamwe za MRND, impuzamugambi za CDR, hutu power movement na bamwe mu bari muri ex-FAR, amahanga akaba yaranashyizeho urukiko rwo kubacira imanza (…). » Aya mashyaka aregwa icyaha acyo atarakora, adakeneye gukora. Uko ni ko ikinyoma cyatanazwe. Ni ryali ubumwe bw’abantu biba icyaha ? Kuki abahutu bagomba kuryana niba tugomba kubaka ubumwe bw’igihugu ? Ukuri: ubumwe bw’abahutu bwashoboraga gukoma imbere imigambi mibisha ya Major Paul Kagame. Kandi ubwo bumwe buramutse bugezweho none, Jenerali Paul Kagame yarara ahirimye. Ubwo bumwe azabubuza kugerwaho kugirango abone uko abaho. Bwana Bucyana Martini wari Perezida wa CDR, uwamutwaraga na Ingabire Alphonse alias Katumba wari Perezida w’Impuzamugambi, bishwe n’umusilikare wa Fpr wari Sgt Habumugisha Eric alias Magwandi n’abo bari kumwe, hagamijwe ko intambara ihinduka hutu-tutsi. Niba abahutu batarishe abatutsi intambara igitangira, ntibari kubica irangiye.

Ubwo nahuye na Kanyabugoyi Fideli wayoboraga « Kanyarwanda » limwe mu mashyirahamwe yitwaga ko aharanira ikiremwamuntu yose akorera Fpr, yansanze muri Bibliothèque nationale, avuze Gatabazi Felesiyani na Bucyana, musubiza ko bishwe na Fpr hagamijwe ko intambara ihinduka Nduga-kiga cyangwa hutu-tutsi. Mwumvisha ko Fpr yonyine ariyo ifite inyungu mu kaduruvayo kose kazavuka mu gihugu. Fideli Kanyabugoyi yansubije agira ati : « Ni hahandi hanyu. Votre Président a signé son arrêt de mort. Ubutegetsi turabufata. Now and forever ! » Namusubije ko Fpr nimara kwica Perezida Habyarimana, na bo ubwabo izabica kuko bazi ukuri ku mabi yateguwe na Paul Kagame. Nimara kubica, ipfundo lizaba lipfunditswe ubuzira herezo. Fpr igomba kwilinda abashobora kuzazimura. Lt Ruzibiza Abdul ni iki yazize.

Ukuri ku bibazo twahuye na byo ntabwo kuzwi gusa n’abohoze muri Fpr. Ukuri kuzamenyekana ari uko twerekanye twivuye inyuma ko isi yose yaguye mu mitego myinshi ya Paul Kagame, ko byose bihagarikwa, tugasuka hasi tugashungura. Kuko kugera kuwa 6 mata 1994, Fpr na Apr ya yo, nta basilikari b’abatutsi bahagije yari ifite. Mwese mwibuke abasilikali ba NRA bishyuje Paul Kagame amafaranga bokoreye bamurwanilira. Byaciye kuri BBC Gahuza milyango. Ko mu mirwano yubujwe na Fpr ngo ije gutabara abatutsi ni ikinyoma, ntacyo bari babaye. Muri iryo tabara ridasobanutse, ni bwo yaboneyeho akanya ko kubahinda mo ubudehe, Fpr ibicira kubamara. « L’agent protecteur est entré dans son second rôle. » Mwibuke ko iyo Fpr igifata ubutegetsi, umututsi wese atarakorenye n’« Icyama » yafatwaga nk’umugambanyi, agomba gusobanura impamvu atapfuye. Paul Kagame, Fpr, ntiyari gufata ubutegetsi atitwaje iyicwa ry’abatutsi. Iyo abatutsi badapfa, Paul Kagame ntiyari gufate ubutegetsi i Kigali. Uko basabwe gucukura imyobo mu ngo zabo ni ko babwiwe kujya barara muri zakiliziya Fpr imaze kwivugana babwana Gatabazi na Bucyana ; iyo Fpr ni yo yabasanze yo, irabarimarima. Ibyitilira abahutu. Isi yose ibifatamo ukuri ari ikinyoma. Abatutsi Paul Kagame yoherereje abishi, amaze gufate ubutegetsi yabahambishije mu cyubahiro. Abirangije, abahutu badafite kivugira abahindura imitako ikurura bamukerarugendo. 

Ya mitwe, muri Kiliziya, i Ntarama, n’imirambo yabonetse muri Lac Victoria, mwese murebe « J’ai serré la main du diable » de Roméo Dallaire. Uko uyu Dallaire yajyaga kureba mucuti we Paul Kagame ni ko yasangaga abasilikali ba Fpr batondekanya imirambo nk’abarunda amasiteri y’inkwi. Iyo Fpr ni yo yarashe kuri Hôtel 1000 Collines, ni yo yarashe ku bantu bari bahungiye muri Kiliziya y’Umulyango mutagatifu, ni yo yishe abantu 40 bari bahungiye mu mazu ya Paul Mutagatifu ubwo Ayala Lasso aza i Kigali bwa mbere, ni yo yarashe ku kibuga cy’indege i Kanombe ubwo abasilikali b’Abiligi bahambiraga utwangushye. Uwo Paul Kagame kandi yategetse ingabo ze guca umurongo ntarenga kuri Jenerali Dallaire. Abategeka kumwica nawurenga. Ibimenyetso byerekena ko amarorerwa yose yakozwe na Paul Kagame n’abamurwaniraga ni akangali. Igiteye agahinda ni uko amahanga yabyitiriye abahutu. Ahanini kubera amakosa yakozwe n’uyu Romeo Dallaire. Ikosa lihamagara andi. Ishyano lihinduka amahano ubwo abiyita ko bavugira ba bahutu bemeje ko ababari inyuma aribo bicanyi. Uko amahanga ashaka. Bidahuye n’ukuri !

Yamvugo ya Maître Felesiyani Ngango : « Ubumwe bw’abahutu ni crime contre l’humanité », yashimangiraga ibyo « commission internationale » ya Maître Gillet et consorts na « Théorie du complot » yatangijwe na Gasana Ndoba muri Mutarama 1991, mu kinyamakuri kitwaga « SOS Faim Sud », yaje guhindurwamo interuro ya « propagande » ya Fpr yavugaga ko : « Inkotanyi nizica Perezida Habyarimana, abahutu bazica abatutsi ». Uko ni ko « génocide » yaje kwinjizwa mu binyamakuru by’Ibulayi. « Propagande » bayifashemo ukuri. Nyamara Perezida Kagame, yabwiye abatutsi, bo bonyine afata nk’abanyarwanda (akurikije inkomoko y’ijambo u Rwanda nk’uko Abiru n’Inganji Kalinga babisobanura), ati : « Ibyo nashatse kugeraho byose nabigezeho. Hatanzwe ibitambo byinshi yego, aliko abanyarwanda bagamba kubyumva kandi bakabyemera. Kugirango twiyibakire igihugu, byabaye ngombwa kugira ibyo dusenya. Uwubaka asiza ikibanza. Babyumve batyo, babyemere batyo. » .Uyu murozi w’ibisebe Paul Kagame yasabye imbabazi abatutsi. Abo bitarebaga ntibabyumva. Nina yo mpamvu asubiramo agira ati: « Waginga hawana msimamo ! » bivuga ngo: « Babaswa ntacyo bishingikilije!» Abavugira abahutu, mureke kudusuzuguza bene aka kageni. Mwarajenjetse ikinyoma gihawe intebe. None imyaka 20 irashize. Mbivuge mbisubiremo ushaka yumve. Mwisuzume, muhindure imvugo, aho gukomeza kudufatisha ikibilibili !


Vouloir ou pas, il n’y a qu’une seule raison, la bonne.
Je conteste la supercherie qui fait des sanguinaires-nés les victimes innocents.

Mugire amahoro.

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Sunday, April 6, 2014

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

How BBC world and some other Western media of hatred reports will lead to another genocide, the worse genocide ever in Rwanda.

The hatred of BBC administration for the Hutu majority in Rwanda is profound. You can feel it through their different report on Rwanda. Every single report is of full of hatred of the Hutus. Since 1990’s their reports have long been bastions of de facto Tutsis exclusivity (abateka mitwe).

There can’t be any debate and or discussions between both ethnic groups’ representatives. Complaints come from around the world, asking in vain for ending with BBC prejudices and reports of hatred. The hatred we now see in the BBC reports is of course prefigured by the Tutsi government in Rwanda supported by some of the BBC nomenklatura and producers.

The BBC reporter makes references to Tutsis as "good and" victims" and referred to the majority Hutus as "devils” and genocidaires". It is actually vastly worse at the moment. When there are so many BBC World condoned anti-Hutu propaganda and actions at a time when Tutsis are still 10% of the population if nobody from them has got killed at is officially acknowledged. 

The BBC world reports has become the cancer of the Rwandan history since the RPF invasion of Rwanda in October 1st, 1990 and the deadliest coup of April 6th , 1994 as President Habyarimana’s plane got shot down by the RPF hard wing. BBC World is promoting a culture of lies and dishonesty that has already pervaded the entire world.  The promoted BBC World paranoia on dividing Rwandans is felt as BBC reporters support the savage cruelties of the RPF wars, praise the macho heroism that surrounds Kagame and RPF criminals, and plumbs the depths of the pain and pathos of Tutsis, the good and victims vs the Hutus, the bad, evil and genocidaires.

The BBC world persistence of promoting such scandalous and outrageous reports on Rwandan ethnic issues is becoming a very critical problem if nothing is done to stop it. At the same time, the inconsiderateness towards and often ignorance of the Rwandan culture contributes to creating a social climate which is supporting violence in Rwanda.
BBC World and other Western media are being manipulated
Money offered by Kagame
 for whitewashing his crimes
and for  RPF propaganda

While BBC and other media in Western Europe have a right and indeed an obligation to report on the ethnic conflict issues in Rwanda and on the Rwandan genocide in particular, they also have a responsibility to exercise impartiality, accuracy and balance in reporting. Unfortunately, and their current position is based on supporting lies, serial murders inside Rwanda, summary executions and persecutions of those who refuse to kneel before the tyrant.

These days, we saw BBC world, Euro news and other Western media copying and pasting reports “made in UK, and other corrupted media in Western Europe following Kagame’s Lovers and Makers of Lies like Alain Gauthier and his spouse Daphrosa (we will never see mentioned her real name for strategy reasons) makes references to Tutsis as "good and" victims" and referred to the majority Hutus as "devils” and genocidaires". 

Alain Gauthier and his Tutsi wife Daphrasa....
RPF Lovers and Makers of Lies
It is actually vastly worse at the moment. When there are so many BBC World condoned anti-Hutu propaganda and actions at a time when Tutsis are still 10% of the population if nobody from them has got killed at is officially acknowledged. 
This message is totally intended to highlight the responsibilities of BBC World and the UK government in their involvement in the Rwandan genocide as they supported and continue to support by all means Paul Kagame and RPF, the extremist Tutsi invaders from the Ugandan army.
They will never say that millions of Hutus got killed by RPF. Still we have no count head of those who got killed, Hutus and Tutsis for, again and again, planned and tactical reasons. But the gloves are coming off. Beneath the utopian optimism there is a real hatred that will ultimately endanger all Tutsis. Those who most gushingly promote the harmonious life of the existing Hutu genocidaire side by side with the Tutsi victim in the country are those with the fiercest ethnic hatreds.

In April 1994 apartheid was coming to an end in South Africa and Mandela was elected president while an another apartheid was created and institutionalized in Rwanda and the worse dictator and Tutsi Paul Kagame took office first as vice-president but real he was the real acting president and then the President of Rwanda through fake elections supported by those of the Anglo-Saxon world powers notably the United States and British governments (Clinton and Blair’s).

The massive ethnic division and trauma was taking place as the genocide against the hated majority Hutu from Byumba , Ruhengeri, Gisenyi, Kibungo, Kigali the RPF bastion to central region Gitarama and then to the south region with Kibeho, the Rwandan Auschwitz was taking place, the list is endless; here we are not talking about mass murder in Remera National stadium, Nyamirambo football stadium and the Kigali car station near Kigali market and Sulfo Rwanda industries according to reliable critics of the investigations. No word mention about this by those who at each report praise and worship the serial murderer Paul Kagame as the good man who ended the genocide.

Knowing that Kagame has been armed by United States and Britain, millions of Hutus and interior Tutsis are walking zombie-like into this future, with no mainstream political or ethnic option that will do anything to save them. In 1994, there were guns and many different ways of killing at the RPF side,  at the other hand not many guns used by the government’s side but machetes; so the well-known killers, the Tutsis RPF members will not have problems  to get close to their victims, Hutus. As BBC World is preparing for the very worse genocide against Hutus, the well-trained Tutsi snipers, LDF, DMI and RDF soldiers will be shooting the Hutu ethnic members from miles away. So the victims will never see their killers.
Kagame, the mastermind of the Rwandan genocide
Kagame murdered Rwandans in Bruhengeri and Byumba
Then he assassinated Gatabazi Felician,Bucyana Martin
Gapyisi Emmanuel, Lando, Rwambuka, Katumba ..
the  list is endless
And no journalists will be allowed to film or take pictures as RPF did with their reporters during the well-covered tragic events during Kagame’s murders and mass-slaughters against the hated Hutu ethnic group and later we saw filmed Hutu bodies shown as the Tutsis’ ones.  Have you ever been at Gisozi cemetery, just to give you an illustration of the principle “what you see is what you get or better the Principle of least effort exploited by RPF makers of lies? Hundreds of thousands of Hutu bodies were there gathered and now their skeletons are happen to be Tutsi’s ones. 

Every single Rwandan knows about that. Another pattern of Kagame and RPF party and government’s horrifying lie is that those skeletons gathered in museums in Kigali and across Rwanda are mostly of Hutu mothers and children for the simple reason that you cannot cut off your mother’s head to be aligned in a museum and the rest of the body thrown in the common grave!  

Lastly not least, you cannot have your best friend someone who refused to intervene when your parents, relatives and friends were slaughtered by the enemy as did the former US president Bill Clinton becoming the best friend of the bloody Rwandan tyrant Paul Kagame. So much evidence, there's no need to show it or give you other patterns of Kagame, Kagame’s cronies and RPF party and government members.

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine

Rescue War Refugees

SOS refugees: =>Medical problems:tuberculosis, malaria, gastroenteritis, dehydration and intestinal infestation. =>Provide them meal, clothing,education,safe place to live and Justice.

Human and Civil Rights

Human Rights, Mutual Respect and Dignity For all Rwandans : Hutus - Tutsis - Twas

KIBEHO: Rwandan Auschwitz

Kibeho Concetration Camp.

Mass murderers C. Sankara

Stephen Sackur’s Hard Talk.

Gén. D. Tauzin Demande Justice

Le Général Tauzian réclame la Justice pour la France et pour les Soldats français. Les Présidents Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande ne font que ridicuriser les soldats français qui payent de leurs vies pour la France. Plutôt que rendre hommage à la France et à l'armée française, ils n'ont fait que prendre partie pour l'ennemi de la France. Il l'explique dans le vidéo qui suit:

Prof. Allan C. Stam

Prof. Allan C. Stam Mich.University U-M Professor of Political Science and Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies Prof. Allan C Stam Michigan University Understanding the Rwanda Genocide - Full version

The killing Fields - Part 1

The killing Fields - Part II

Daily bread for Rwandans

The killing Fields - Part III

Prof. Christian Davenport

Prof. Christian Davenport Michigan University & Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies

Time has come: Regime change

Drame rwandais- justice impartiale

Carla Del Ponte, Ancien Procureur au TPIR:"Le drame rwandais mérite une justice impartiale" - et réponse de Gerald Gahima

Sheltering 2,5 million refugees

Credible reports camps sheltering 2,500 million refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed. The UN refugee agency says it has credible reports camps sheltering 2,5 milion refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed.

Latest videos

Peter Erlinder comments on the BBC documentary "Rwanda's Untold Story Madam Victoire Ingabire,THE RWANDAN AUNG SAN SUU KYI

Rwanda, un génocide en questions

Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en... par BernardLugan Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en questions"

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