You can't stop thinking

“I’m never gonna hold you like I did / Or say I love you to the kids / You’re never gonna see it in my eyes / It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry / I’m not gonna miss you.” The situation is undeniably hurtful but we can'stop thinking we’re heartbroken over the loss of our beloved ones. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom". Malcolm X

A Candle For Remembering

A Candle For Remembering
May this memorial candle lights up the historical past of our beloved Country: Rwanda, We love U so much. If Tears could build a stairway. And memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven. To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it And. Only Paul Kagame knows why. My heart still aches with sadness. And secret tears still flow. What It meant to lose you. No one will ever know.

Welcome to Home Truths

The year is 1994, the Fruitful year and the Start of a long epoch of the Rwandan RPF bloody dictatorship. Rwanda and DRC have become a unique arena and fertile ground for wars and lies. Tutsi RPF members deny Rights and Justice to the Hutu majority, to Congolese people, publicly claim the status of victim as the only SurViVors while millions of Hutu, interior Tutsi and Congolese people were butchered. Please make RPF criminals a Day One priority. Allow voices of the REAL victims to be heard.

Everybody Hurts

“Everybody Hurts” is one of the rare songs on this list that actually offers catharsis. It’s beautifully simple: you’re sad, but you’re not alone because “everybody hurts, everybody cries.” You’re human, in other words, and we all have our moments. So take R.E.M.’s advice, “take comfort in your friends,” blast this song, have yourself a good cry, and then move on. You’ll feel better, I promise.—Bonnie Stiernberg


About US

AS Foundation Founder, Webmaster, Editor-in-chief and Publisher. Search and meet Libre Penseur, the Man who stands firm on his priniciples. I am working for a pro-peace humanitarian organization with no political agenda. Make your voice heard around the globe. You think it, you write it. Dear SurViVors: Nobody’s going to help you. It’s all up to you. Make it happen for yourself. However, there's a common knowledge to remember : "No man is an island". Will be possible for me to realize my dream and say : *.*The war is over, the hunting trip on Hutus comes to an end, the Evil is taken away, the reign of Terror comes to an end in Rwanda, my beloved homeland. As we stand on the precipice of Paul Kagame war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide, call on the Regime change in Rwanda. Will you just sit back and watch Paul Kagame destroying the Human kind or will you stand up with African SurViVors and make your voice heard? Nothing is said about Kagame's arrest. Many are asleep, wrapped up their day to day lives. However, if and if you are awake, it is your responsibility to wake others! Spread the word, Ask for Paul Kagame's removal and indictment, take action.*.*

Paul Kagame admits ordering...

Paul Kagame admits ordering the 1994 assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda.

Why did Kagame this to me?

Why did Kagame this to me?
Can't forget. He murdered my mother. What should be my reaction? FYI: the number of orphans in Rwanda has skyrocketed since the 1990's Kagame's invasion. Much higher numbers of orphans had and have no other option but joining FDLR fighters who are identified as children that have Lost their Parents in Kagame's Wars inside and outside of Rwanda.If someone killed your child/spouse/parent(s) would you seek justice or revenge? Deep insight: What would you do to the person who snuffed the life of someone I love beyond reason? Forgiving would bring me no solace. If you take what really matters to me, I will show you what really matters. NITUTIRWANAHO TUZASHIRA. IGIHE KIRAGEZE.If democracy is to sell one's motherland(Africa), for some zionits support, then I prefer the person who is ready to give all his live for his motherland. Viva President Putin!!!

RPF committed the unspeakable

RPF committed the unspeakable
The perverted RPF committed the unspeakable.Two orphans, together against the world. Point is the fact that their parents' murder by Kagame & RPF held no shock in the Western world. Up to now, kagame and his death squads still enjoy impunity. What goes through someone's mind as they know RPF murdered their parents? A delayed punishment is actually an encouragment to crime. “I always think I am a peaceful person but if someone harmed someone near and dear to me, I don't think I could be so peaceful. I would like to believe that I would seek justice - I would devote myself to bringing the 'perp' to a non-happy ending but would that be enough? You'd have to be in the situation I suppose before you could actually know how you would feel or what you would do”. Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, Libre Penseur

Inzira ndende


Hutu Children & their Mums

Hutu Children & their Mums
Look at them ! How they are scared to death. Many Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi, Foreign human rights advocates, jounalists and and lawyers are now on Death Row Waiting to be murdered by Kagame and his RPF death squads. Be the last to know.


Rwanda-rebranding-Targeting dissidents abroad, despite war crimes and repression Rwanda has “A well primed PR machine”, and that this has been key in “persuading the key members of the international community that it has an exemplary constitution emphasizing democracy, power-sharing, and human rights which it fully respects”. It concluded: “The truth is, however, the opposite.” Rwanda has hired several PR firms to work on deflecting criticism, and rebranding the country.

Targeting dissidents abroad One of the more worrying aspects of Racepoint’s objectives was to “Educate and correct the ill informed and factually incorrect information perpetuated by certain groups of expatriates and NGOs,” including, presumably, the critiques of the crackdown on dissent among political opponents overseas. This should be seen in the context of accusations that Rwanda has plotted to kill dissidents abroad. A recent investigation by the Globe and Mail claims, “Rwandan exiles in both South Africa and Belgium – speaking in clandestine meetings in secure locations because of their fears of attack – gave detailed accounts of being recruited to assassinate critics of President Kagame….

Ways To Get Rid of Kagame

How to proceed for revolution in Rwanda:
  1. The people should overthrow the Rwandan dictator (often put in place by foreign agencies) and throw him, along with his henchmen and family, out of the country – e.g., the Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines.Compaore of Burkina Faso
  2. Rwandans organize a violent revolution and have the dictator killed – e.g., Ceaucescu in Romania.
  3. Foreign powers (till then maintaining the dictator) force the dictator to exile without armed intervention – e.g. Mátyás Rákosi of Hungary was exiled by the Soviets to Kirgizia in 1970 to “seek medical attention”.
  4. Foreign powers march in and remove the dictator (whom they either instated or helped earlier) – e.g. Saddam Hussein of Iraq or Manuel Noriega of Panama.
  5. The dictator kills himself in an act of desperation – e.g., Hitler in 1945.
  6. The dictator is assassinated by people near him – e.g., Julius Caesar of Rome in 44 AD was stabbed by 60-70 people (only one wound was fatal though).
  7. Organise strikes and unrest to paralyze the country and convince even the army not to support the dictaor – e.g., Jorge Ubico y Castañeda was ousted in Guatemala in 1944 and Guatemala became democratic, Recedntly in Burkina Faso with the dictator Blaise Compaoré.

Almighty God :Justice for US

Almighty God :Justice for US
Hutu children's daily bread: Intimidation, Slavery, Sex abuses led by RPF criminals and Kagame, DMI: Every single day, there are more assassinations, imprisonment, brainwashing & disappearances. Do they have any chance to end this awful life?

Malcolm X Quotes

Killing Hutus on daily basis

Killing Hutus on daily basis
RPF targeted killings, very often in public areas. Killing Hutus on daily basis by Kagame's murderers and the RPF infamous death squads known as the "UNKNOWN WRONGDOERS"

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya
Rape, torture and assassination and unslaving of hutu women. Genderside: Rape has always been used by kagame's RPF as a Weapon of War, the killings of Hutu women with the help of Local Defense Forces, DMI and the RPF military

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes
How torture flourishes across Rwanda despite extensive global monitoring

Fighting For Our Freedom?

Fighting For Our Freedom?
We need Freedom, Liberation of our fatherland, Human rights respect, Mutual respect between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

 [Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

 Glen Ford is a distinguished radio-show host and commentator. In 1977, Ford co-launched, produced and hosted America's Black Forum, the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television.
In 1987, Ford launched
Rap It Up, the first nationally syndicated Hip Hop music show, broadcast on 65 radio stations. Ford co-founded the Black Commentator in 2002 and in 2006 he launched the Black Agenda Report. Ford is also the author of The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion.
 JARED BALL, PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome, everyone, back to the Real News. I'm Jared Ball here in Baltimore.

On Friday, December 18, the African Union authorized sending 5,000 peacekeepers to Burundi to protect civilians caught up in what reports are saying is the worst violence in the most recent move there towards civil war. More than 400 people have been killed in what is described by Reuters and others as escalating violence, and what the United Nations has called a campaign of repression.
We know that our next guest has long followed the history and more recent developments in that region of the world, and we turn now to him for his analysis of the situation. Glen Ford is executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, and is back again with us here for his Ford Report. Glen, welcome back to the Real News.

GLEN FORD: Thanks for having me.

BALL: So Glen, please catch us up and tell us what you make of all these recent developments.

FORD: Well, Kwame Nkrumah should be turning over in his grave. I think we see history in the making, because it appears that the United States has succeeded in making the African Union into an instrument of U.S. foreign policy.

The African Union's decision, it just came up with this decision recently, to send 5,000 troops to the small nation of Burundi, whether Burundi's elected government likes it or not. This represents the first time that the AU has sent soldiers into a country without permission. Burundi's president, Nkurunziza, calls this an invasion, and he says that he will resist an invasion. Those casualties that you were talking about over a period of months in Burundi are really not high at all by Great Lakes standards. There's been a great deal of violence in this region. Genocide, not just in Rwanda. Not just in the Congo. But also in Burundi, in very recent years. So these numbers that they're reporting, and claiming that it represents some kind of danger to the nation's stability, are really not on a scale that would warrant this kind of unprecedented move by the AU.

There can be no doubt that the United States is behind this invasion threat by the AU, and that the real source of the turmoil in the region is Rwanda. That's Burundi's neighbor. And it's ruled, of course, by Paul Kagame.
Kagame, The Rwandan bloody dictator
still president of Rwanda
He's the Tutsi dictator of that country. Kagame is the hitman for the United States in that part of Africa. He's always willing to do Washington's dirty work. And in return the United States protects Kagame and his government from international censure for its crimes, which include the genocide of 6 million Congolese, the repression of the Hutu majority in his own country, and Kagame's sending out of hit squads all over the world to assassinate his opponents. All of that makes him a very good African, as far as Washington is concerned.

Kagame just held a phony referendum that would allow him to stay in office until the year 2034, and that seems to be all right with Washington. He claims that he got 98 percent of the vote in that referendum. And if you believe that then you will believe anything. Burundi's president, Nkurunziza, on the other hand, is only seeking a third term. And he can make a reasonable claim that he deserves a third term in office. But the U.S. says no, no, no, he's got to go.

And Rwanda has been busy making sure that Nkurunziza has to go. Kagame's government has been creating an army out of Burundian refugees, arming them, sometimes kidnapping them and taking them by force into this new army. Preparing to send them back into Burundi to start a civil war.

Remember, that is how Paul Kagame came to power in Rwanda in the early '90s. And what resulted from his invasion of Rwanda? A genocide. Any attack by these refugees who are being armed by Rwanda or an invasion by the African Union could set off a new round of real bloodletting in Burundi, in which hundreds of thousands died in the early years of the 21st century and in the 1990s. However, just like elsewhere in the world, the United States is more intent upon regime change. And it doesn't care how many Africans die in the process. And now it appears that the African Union itself, which Kwame Nkrumah envisioned as an instrument for the sovereignty, the protection of the African continent, that the AU itself is now an instrument of imperial policy.

BALL: Well, certainly the AU is not the organization of African unity and the pan-African and scientific, socialist vision that Nkrumah had. But I am wondering, also, if you could just quickly tell us a little bit about what is--you've mentioned the United States. But what are some of the other factors and players in the background encouraging this violence, and what are the two states themselves claiming, both Rwanda and Burundi, and then internally what is Burundi claiming are the actual reasons for this civil war? And if there's a way to work into your answer--because I know that this is a part of it--what factor does the Congo play in all of this as well?
FORD: Well, the Congo is the source of Rwanda's vaunted prosperity. Rwanda is held up as a model for the rest of Africa in terms of its economic success. But as anybody who knows anything about the region can tell you, Rwanda's success is predicated upon the theft of resources from the very--its very rich neighbor, the Congo. And the theft of those resources was the purpose of the Rwandan invasion of the Congo, lasting decades, that resulted in 6 million dead.

In terms of the friction between Burundi and Rwanda, understand that the Hutu majority in Burundi was also under the heel of a Tutsi minority, whose power lay in the military. That was the source of a civil war. In Rwanda we had a population that looks quite the same, in which the Tutsi minority came to power with Paul Kagame.

So Kagame believes himself to be the savior and salvation of all the Tutsis in the region, and of course he would be, be causing trouble for a Hutu leader in Burundi. He needs no more excuse than that. He also prospers when other countries in the, in the Great Lakes region do not, because he becomes the party that does most of the trade in the region.
The United States props him up because Kagame contributes soldiers any time the United States needs them anywhere in Africa. Either for so-called peacekeeping missions or in more unilateral U.S. efforts to make sure that only people who are friendly to U.S. policy remain in power and with their heads.

BALL: Glen Ford, thanks again for joining us here at the Real News.
FORD: Thank you.
BALL: And thank you for joining us here at the Real News. And for all involved, again, I'm Jared Ball here in Baltimore, saying as Fred Hampton used to say, to you we say peace if you're willing to fight for it. So peace, everybody, and we'll catch you in the whirlwind.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. TRNN cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.
The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Thursday, December 24, 2015

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =>AS International]

The struggle for liberation of our fatherland has not yet been undertaken

African SurViVors International (ASI) marks the start of the new year 2016 with an earnest hope that we will have a better world where mass-rape, permanent incursions in neighbouring countries such as Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, illegal detention in well-known and unknown dirty places, disappearances & assassinations of interior and external Rwandans, journalists and opposition leaders, censorship and muzzlement of the press, Kagame’s wars, tyranny, RPF terrorism, economic crisis around the world and all other social miseries are resolved.

On behalf of our members and supporters, our organization wishes a victorious 2016 for all fighting for us Freedom, Human Rights, Truth, Justice, Rule of law and Democracy. We take this opportunity to appeal to the world to stand behind millions of people in Rwanda, still suffering in the hands of all forms of tyrannical and wartime rules.
Once again, taking the occasion of the start of the New Year 2016, we call upon all Rwandans, all Rwandan and victims and survivors  living in all corners of the world to come together for the common good of Rwandans and the future generation.

Let us strengthen the call for the UN Security Council to establish the International Court for RPF Crimes and prosecute all crimes committed  by Paul Kagame and RPF inside Rwanda and out of it in accordance with the International law.
Let’s unite against Kagame’s dirty game overplaying the ethnic card, let us unite against all acts of Kagame’s ongoing tyranny and despotism, arrests, imprisonment of political opponents to silence them, murders and mass-murders, mass-rape, inequality, injustice, corruption etc. As we all want to see a developed Rwanda with strong democratic institutions, it is impossible to reach such notable goals under the reign of utter negligence, repression of fundamentals of individual and group rights.
The establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, inspired by the process that took place in South Africa, should allow us to develop an appropriate understanding of past injustices and to envision constructive remedies to create a new regional culture of fairness, equal opportunity and prosperity to all Rwandans

ven though Kagame gets support about his misleading socio-cultural, political and Economic Indicators on Rwanda, there is much work to do to find out better indicators (2000 Rwandan fake census being the primary misleading indicator) and NOT those based on misleading information on Rwanda.

We strongly believe that the scourge of bad governance is a hindrance to our social and economic progress and change is long overdue as status of our country in most indicators continued to deteriorate. 
Consequently we repeat our call to the RPF ruling party in Rwanda to immediately open up the political space for the oppositions, release the would-be president of Rwanda Ms. Ingabire Victoire, and all political prisoners and cease from harassing, intimidating and arresting and assassinating of journalists, opposition members and leaders.
You’ve been away so long that it's starting to make us nervous.

  • Immediate and unconditional release of Ms. Ingabire Victoire, the Would-be President of Rwanda. Her detention is illegal. Paul KAGAME's government has no legal basis to keep her in jail after the expiration of the ordinance.
  • Kagame should refrain organized ethnic cleansing and mass murder inside Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by prejudicing the Hutu as FDLR and thus terrorist organization.
  • General Kagame should refrain crimes of RPF death squads inside Rwanda, in Democratic Republic of the Congo, in neighboring countries and throughought the world.
  • African SurViVors insist on the review of the collected information about permanent perpetrators of assassinations, mass-rape and mass-murder in DRC given the fact that Kagame is believed to use his battalion under Col. Mugabo RDF commander to rape and kill before shifting the crimes on FDLR armed group and most of the cases, victims are Hutu children and women. 
  • As the UN mapping Report is now known to public, the deportation of Hutu Rwandans by the Ugandan, Congolese governments into the hands of the RPF criminals is an criminal act that should be brought to justice as it has always led to the deaths of thousands of returnees from this community including a significant degree of UNHCR support and involvement.
  • Respect of the Rwandan Genocide that makes clear circumstances in which the mass-murder of Tutsi, Hutu and Twa ethnic members were done in accordance with Paul Kagame's plan, the mastermind’s plan of the Rwandan Genocide.
 African SurViVors International holds General Paul Kagame fully accountable for the Rwandan and Congolese genocides, the environmental degradation his misguided policies have caused on all Rwandans and Congolese people and strongly demands General Paul Kagame, his allies and accomplices particularly his adviser Tony Blair to immediately cease permanent incursion in DRC and now in Burundi , the cause of increasing of mass violations of human rights in that region, to immediately refrain the sale of the Rwandan fertile land across Rwanda, the sale of the Rwandan national park and strategic Rwandan properties, to close down distribution of gorillas around the world to his accomplices and criminal allies and finally to end up with the expropriation of  hundreds of thousands of Rwandan citizens in towns as well as in the countryside without compensation adding to the RPF government programme based on anti-people policies as such irresponsible deals against public interest which are completely illegal.

Happy New Year 2016

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

[Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule with an iron hand, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus)and mass arrests of Hutus by the RPF criminal organization =AS International]

Communiqué de presse du 2 décembre 2015

Nous sommes personnellement mis en cause par un ensemble d’articles de presse simultanément  parus le 1er décembre 2015, à propos d’événements tragiques survenus fin juin 1994, alors que débutait l’opération Turquoise.

Ces faits font l’objet depuis onze ans d’une instruction conduite par la justice française à l’instigation de divers acteurs. Chacun pour sa part, nous avons toujours exprimé notre volonté de témoigner et de collaborer pleinement avec la justice, pour mettre enfin un terme à des accusations aussi invraisemblables que monstrueuses de « complicité de génocide », alors même que l’opération Turquoise a protégé des centaines de milliers de personnes de la violence et permis de sauver a minima des dizaines  de milliers de vies tutsies.

Nous tenons à dénoncer avec la plus grande fermeté la reconstruction mensongère des faits, la dénaturation des pièces de la procédure pénale et l’articulation fallacieuse des témoignages contenues dans ces articles de presse. Contrairement à ce qui est affirmé, tous les documents évoqués ont été déclassifiés par le gouvernement et sont en possession de la justice depuis des années.

Tandis que nous sommes visés par cette tentative de manipulation de l’opinion publique, nous réaffirmons notre fierté de ce que nous avons accompli au Rwanda lors de cette brève opération, alors que la France s’est trouvée seule à s’engager réellement pour mettre fin au génocide.

Fait à Paris, le 2 décembre 2015

Général de corps d’armée (2S) Jean-Claude Lafourcade

Général de division (2S) Jacques Rosier

Vice-Amiral d’escadre Marin Gillier

The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine

Rescue War Refugees

SOS refugees: =>Medical problems:tuberculosis, malaria, gastroenteritis, dehydration and intestinal infestation. =>Provide them meal, clothing,education,safe place to live and Justice.

Human and Civil Rights

Human Rights, Mutual Respect and Dignity For all Rwandans : Hutus - Tutsis - Twas

KIBEHO: The Rwandan Auschwitz

Kibeho Concetration Camp.

Stephen Sackur’s Hard Talk.

Gén. D. Tauzin Demande Justice

Le Général Tauzian réclame la Justice pour la France et pour les Soldats français. Les Présidents Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande ne font que ridicuriser les soldats français qui payent de leurs vies pour la France. Plutôt que rendre hommage à la France et à l'armée française, ils n'ont fait que prendre partie pour l'ennemi de la France. Il l'explique dans le vidéo qui suit:

Prof. Allan C. Stam

Prof. Allan C. Stam Mich.University U-M Professor of Political Science and Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies Prof. Allan C Stam Michigan University Understanding the Rwanda Genocide - Full version

The killing Fields - Part 1

The killing Fields - Part II

Daily bread for Rwandans

The killing Fields - Part III

Prof. Christian Davenport

Prof. Christian Davenport Michigan University & Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies

Time has come: Regime change

Drame rwandais- justice impartiale

Carla Del Ponte, Ancien Procureur au TPIR:"Le drame rwandais mérite une justice impartiale" - et réponse de Gerald Gahima

Sheltering 2,5 million refugees

Credible reports camps sheltering 2,500 million refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed. The UN refugee agency says it has credible reports camps sheltering 2,5 milion refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed.

Latest videos

Peter Erlinder comments on the BBC documentary "Rwanda's Untold Story Madam Victoire Ingabire,THE RWANDAN AUNG SAN SUU KYI

Rwanda, un génocide en questions

Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en... par BernardLugan Bernard Lugan présente "Rwanda, un génocide en questions"

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