A Candle For Remembering

A Candle For Remembering
May this memorial candle lights up the historical past of our beloved Country: Rwanda, We love U so much. If Tears could build a stairway. And memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven. To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it And. Only Paul Kagame knows why. My heart still aches with sadness. And secret tears still flow. What It meant to lose you. No one will ever know.

Rwanda: Cartographie des crimes

Rwanda: cartographie des crimes du livre "In Praise of Blood, the crimes of the RPF" de Judi Rever Kagame devra être livré aux Rwandais pour répondre à ses crimes: la meilleure option de réconciliation nationale entre les Hutus et les Tutsis.

Let us remember Our People

Let us remember our people, it is our right

You can't stop thinking

Don't you know Rwandans are talkin' 'bout a revolution It sounds like a whisper The majority Hutus and interior Tutsi are gonna rise up And get their share SurViVors are gonna rise up And take what's theirs. We're the survivors, yes: the Hutu survivors! Yes, we're the survivors, like Daniel out of the lions' den (Hutu survivors) Survivors, survivors! Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights et up, stand up, don't give up the fight “I’m never gonna hold you like I did / Or say I love you to the kids / You’re never gonna see it in my eyes / It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry / I’m not gonna miss you.” The situation is undeniably hurtful but we can'stop thinking we’re heartbroken over the loss of our beloved ones. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom". Malcolm X

Welcome to Home Truths

The year is 1994, the Fruitful year and the Start of a long epoch of the Rwandan RPF bloody dictatorship. Rwanda and DRC have become a unique arena and fertile ground for wars and lies. Tutsi RPF members deny Rights and Justice to the Hutu majority, to Interior Tutsis, to Congolese people, publicly claim the status of victim as the only SurViVors while millions of Hutu, interior Tutsi and Congolese people were butchered. Please make RPF criminals a Day One priority. Allow voices of the REAL victims to be heard.

Everybody Hurts

“Everybody Hurts” is one of the rare songs on this list that actually offers catharsis. It’s beautifully simple: you’re sad, but you’re not alone because “everybody hurts, everybody cries.” You’re human, in other words, and we all have our moments. So take R.E.M.’s advice, “take comfort in your friends,” blast this song, have yourself a good cry, and then move on. You’ll feel better, I promise.—Bonnie Stiernberg


Paul Kagame admits ordering...

Paul Kagame admits ordering the 1994 assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda.

Why did Kagame this to me?

Why did Kagame this to me?
Can't forget. He murdered my mother. What should be my reaction? FYI: the number of orphans in Rwanda has skyrocketed since the 1990's Kagame's invasion. Much higher numbers of orphans had and have no other option but joining FDLR fighters who are identified as children that have Lost their Parents in Kagame's Wars inside and outside of Rwanda.If someone killed your child/spouse/parent(s) would you seek justice or revenge? Deep insight: What would you do to the person who snuffed the life of someone I love beyond reason? Forgiving would bring me no solace. If you take what really matters to me, I will show you what really matters. NITUTIRWANAHO TUZASHIRA. IGIHE KIRAGEZE.If democracy is to sell one's motherland(Africa), for some zionits support, then I prefer the person who is ready to give all his live for his motherland. Viva President Putin!!!

RPF committed the unspeakable

RPF committed the unspeakable
The perverted RPF committed the UNSPEAKABLE.Two orphans, both against the Nazi world. Point is the fact that their parents' murder Kagame & his RPF held no shock in the Western world. Up to now, the Rwandan Hitler Kagame and his death squads still enjoy impunity inside and outside of Rwanda. What goes through someone's mind as they know RPF murdered their parents? A delayed punishment is actually an encouragement to crime, In Praise of the ongoing Bloodshed in Rwanda. “I always think I am a pro-peace person but if someone harmed someone near and dear to me, I don't think I could be so peaceful. I would like to believe that to seek justice could save millions of people living the African Great Lakes Region - I would devote myself to bringing the 'perp' along to a non-happy ending but would that be enough? You'd have to be in the situation I suppose before you could actually know how you would feel or what you would do”. Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, Libre Penseur

Inzira ndende


Hutu Children & their Mums

Hutu Children & their Mums
Look at them ! How they are scared to death. Many Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi, Foreign human rights advocates, jounalists and and lawyers are now on Death Row Waiting to be murdered by Kagame and his RPF death squads. Be the last to know.


Rwanda-rebranding-Targeting dissidents inside and abroad, despite war crimes and repression Rwanda has “A well primed PR machine”, and that this has been key in “persuading the key members of the international community that it has an exemplary constitution emphasizing democracy, power-sharing, and human rights which it fully respects”. It concluded: “The truth is, however, the opposite. What you see is not what you get: A FAÇADE” Rwanda has hired several PR firms to work on deflecting criticism, and rebranding the country.

Targeting dissidents abroad One of the more worrying aspects of Racepoint’s objectives was to “Educate and correct the ill informed and factually incorrect information perpetuated by certain groups of expatriates and NGOs,” including, presumably, the critiques of the crackdown on dissent among political opponents overseas. This should be seen in the context of accusations that Rwanda has plotted to kill dissidents abroad. A recent investigation by the Globe and Mail claims, “Rwandan exiles in both South Africa and Belgium – speaking in clandestine meetings in secure locations because of their fears of attack – gave detailed accounts of being recruited to assassinate critics of President Kagame….

Ways To Get Rid of Kagame

How to proceed for revolution in Rwanda:
  1. The people should overthrow the Rwandan dictator (often put in place by foreign agencies) and throw him, along with his henchmen and family, out of the country – e.g., the Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines.Compaore of Burkina Faso
  2. Rwandans organize a violent revolution and have the dictator killed – e.g., Ceaucescu in Romania.
  3. Foreign powers (till then maintaining the dictator) force the dictator to exile without armed intervention – e.g. Mátyás Rákosi of Hungary was exiled by the Soviets to Kirgizia in 1970 to “seek medical attention”.
  4. Foreign powers march in and remove the dictator (whom they either instated or helped earlier) – e.g. Saddam Hussein of Iraq or Manuel Noriega of Panama.
  5. The dictator kills himself in an act of desperation – e.g., Hitler in 1945.
  6. The dictator is assassinated by people near him – e.g., Julius Caesar of Rome in 44 AD was stabbed by 60-70 people (only one wound was fatal though).
  7. Organise strikes and unrest to paralyze the country and convince even the army not to support the dictaor – e.g., Jorge Ubico y Castañeda was ousted in Guatemala in 1944 and Guatemala became democratic, Recedntly in Burkina Faso with the dictator Blaise Compaoré.

Almighty God :Justice for US

Almighty God :Justice for US
Hutu children's daily bread: Intimidation, Slavery, Sex abuses led by RPF criminals and Kagame, DMI: Every single day, there are more assassinations, imprisonment, brainwashing & disappearances. Do they have any chance to end this awful life?

Killing Hutus on daily basis

Killing Hutus on daily basis
RPF targeted killings, very often in public areas. Killing Hutus on daily basis by Kagame's murderers and the RPF infamous death squads known as the "UNKNOWN WRONGDOERS"

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya

RPF Trade Mark: Akandoya
Rape, torture and assassination and unslaving of hutu women. Genderside: Rape has always been used by kagame's RPF as a Weapon of War, the killings of Hutu women with the help of Local Defense Forces, DMI and the RPF military

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes

The Torture in Rwanda flourishes
How torture flourishes across Rwanda despite extensive global monitoring

Fighting For Our Freedom?

Fighting For Our Freedom?
We need Freedom, Liberation of our fatherland, Human rights respect, Mutual respect between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Under the slogan of “Choose Peace,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame was re-elected for a second seven-year term. Praised by his supporters for building new roads and health clinics across the country, developing a national health insurance plan and attracting millions of dollars’ worth of foreign investment, Kagame won the election with a convincing 93 percent of the vote. His detractors, however, such as Frank Habineza, founder of the unregistered Democratic Green Party, alleged that conditions in the country limited freedom of press, association and expression.

The election period was also marred by the death of Andre Kagwe Rwisereka, vice-president of the Democratic Green Party, whose nearly beheaded body was found along a river near the southern town of Butare. A police spokesman suspected that Rwisereka had been killed for his money, but Habineza said that the killers had not taken Rwisereka’s wallet, keys or car and suggested the murder was politically motivated.

On Election Day, however, Commonwealth observers, who were among the 1,394 accredited observers, 214 of them from abroad, said voting had been peaceful. However, they noted “a lack of critical opposition voices,” during the campaign: “A number of opposition parties had earlier stated their intention to stand, but faced either legal or administrative problems, which resulted in their non-participation,” a statement said. “Each case appears to be different, but the overall impact is a concern.”
Assassination attempt and assassination
The world's worst despot menace
"Choose me or war"

Jean Leonard Rugambage'Assassination
 deputy editor of the banned
newspaper Umuvugizi
Late on June 24/10  Leonard Rugambage, the outspoken deputy editor of Umuvugizi newspaper was shot outside his home in Kigali just hours after he allegedly posted a contentious story online about an assassination attempt on a dissident Rwandan general in South Africa. The contentious newspaper had been forced to publish solely online after authorities suspended its print operation. Although police initially didn’t know who was behind the attacks, Umuvugizi editor Jean Bosco Gasasira, who himself fled Rwanda in April, accused the Rwanda Security Service of masterminding the attack. “I’m 100 percent sure,” he told Voice of America. Nevertheless, more than four months later, the Rwandan High Court convicted Didace Nduguyangu of homicide and Antoine Karemera as an accessory to homicide in Rugambage’s death. The men admitted that they killed the journalist as revenge for Karemera’s brother who was allegedly killed by Rugambage during the genocide. Critics of the government, however, remained sceptical that justice had been served.

Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa escape
 Attempt murder in South Africa
RPF death squad
The dissident in Rugambage’s story was General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa who had been shot outside his home in Johannesburg on June 19. His wife claimed the attack had been politically motivated because the assassin did not have any demands. The Rwandan government said they had nothing to do with the attack and that it does not condone violence. Nyamwasa fled to South Africa in February after falling out with President Kagame. In March the government accused him of being behind a spate of grenade attacks in Kigali, a charge that Gen. Nyamwasa vehemently denied. Since arriving in South Africa the dissident general has accused President Kagame of corruption and has argued that the Rwandan judiciary is compromised.

Mapping exercise

In early September relations between the Kigali government and the UN deteriorated precipitously after a leaked draft emerged of a UN report accusing Rwandan troops of having killed and raped Hutu refugees in the DR Congo. The Kigali government called the report, “flawed and dangerous,” that applied, “the lowest imaginable evidentiary standard,” and was an “insult to history.”
First Hutu victims of RDF
in DRC camps

The report details crimes committed by the Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Angola, Zimbabwe and DR Congo armies in DRC between 1993-2003, but pays special attention to crimes perpetrated by Rwandan troops, which the report says could count as possible acts of genocide. The accusations were met with fierce resistance in Kigali because the government there has drawn much of its legitimacy from being the force that ended the genocide in Rwanda. The government also said that claims of genocide “are directly contradicted by Rwanda’s extensive and coordinated efforts to repatriate, resettle and reintegrate 3.2 million Hutu refugees.”
Mass-murder of Hutu in Mbandaka
Dem. Rep. of the Congo
2000 km away

The Kigali government subsequently threatened to withdraw 3,500 peacekeepers from UN missions in Sudan if the report’s final version was published unchanged. However, after a series of meetings with UN officials, including a visit to Kigali by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, Rwanda went back on its threat. When the report was finally published on October 1, a few amendments had been made, but the essence of the report remained intact. In its official 30 page response, Rwanda lambasted the report’s lead investigator Luc Cote of trying to compare the deaths of tens of thousands in the DRC over a decade with those of “a million in 100 days” in Rwanda.

Re-engaging the French

On February 25, French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted that his country had made “grave errors of judgement” during the 1994 genocide. The comments were aimed at repairing the longstanding rift between the two countries that had developed since a 2006 French ruling implicated top Kagame aides of being involved in the untimely death of former president Juvenal Habyarimana.

Sarkozy’s visit to Rwanda marks the first from a French head of state since the genocide. “We want to turn the page,” he said, during the visit that included a meeting with President Kagame and a tour of the genocide memorial in Kigali. “France will construct a relationship of confidence.”
Wonder if Pres. Sarkozi realizes who those
orphans are : the abandoned Hutu

Pres. Sakozy supports Tyrannical
Regimes: Tunisian and Rwandan 

On December 16 relations between the two countries were further strengthened after a French judge placed Rwanda’s defence minister and five other aides of President Kagame under investigation for the assassination of Habyarimana, marking an end to an earlier arrest warrant by French judge Jean Louis Bruguiere. The men are now free to roam and the judge can now decide whether to pursue the investigation and eventually send the suspects for trial, or drop the case.

“The Rwandan Government has welcomed this development and hopes that this is the first step towards the comprehensive conclusion of this unfortunate case based on political manipulations by people interested in destabilising Rwanda,” said Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama.

Rebels hunted down by ICC while Kagame overplays the FDLR card

FDLR, a Terrorist group? Click on the link to get the point : Last week Colonel Bizimana left the FDLR rebel group and returned from the DRC. So General Rwarakabije, Ndahimana, ...Bizimana anre no longer terrosits because they gave up to fight the Rwandan evil?

Kagame's Terrorists Are Rwandan Freedom Fighters.

The word "terrorist" doesn't have a single, universally-accepted definition. The most commonly accepted definition is "a person who uses political violence to achieve a political end." The problem is this: people who engage in a guerrilla war against an oppressive government can also be described as using political violence to achieve political ends. Another definition of terrorist is "one who uses terror as a means to achieve a goal." The problem with that definition is that includes state terrorism (that is, terrorist acts committed on behalf of or directly by a government, although no government on the planet defines its own policies as such), any policeman who scares a witness or a suspect into cooperating, and your Wounded Gazelle Gambit-loving little sister. The government of France once planted a bomb on a ship owned by Greenpeace. Israel sent hitmen into various countries in Europe to avenge the murders of their Olympic team in 1972.

Part of the problem is that, since at least the 9-11 attacks (and in some cases, even before then), it became fashionable to use the word "terrorist"as a sort of blanket label for any person or group working against the interests of a national government... especially if that enemy was actively fighting a military action against that State, regardless of methods (which resembles the usage of the word 'communist' in the McCarthy's era). The FBI, for example, has in the past labeled war protesters as "potential terrorists", while the Department of Homeland Security has currently labeled tax protesters and some military veterans as "potential terrorists".

Then, there is the association of certain ethnic groups with terrorism. Islamic groups have always been branded as terrorist soon after they emerge, communist guerrillas not so, in fact the Naxal movement in India has fought a war against the state for the past 20 years without being branded as Terrorist. To further muddy the waters, some governments may state that a group is a terrorist movement, but others may not. China considers the Tibetan separatists to be Terrorists, most of the world did not. Pakistan maintained ties to the Taliban until 2001 invasion, but the world never recognized the regime.

Lastly, there is the common confusion regarding the meaning and use of the term "illegal combatant". (Not all illegal combatants are terrorists, for example, though they tend to be labeled as such by the people they are fighting, e.g. Kagame vs FDLR).

On October 11 Callixte Mbarushimana, a senior Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) rebel leader, was arrested in France on a warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Mbarushimana, 47, faces five crimes against humanity, and six war crimes for murders, rapes, torture and the destruction of property in eastern DRC in 2009. Rwanda had also issued an arrest warrant for Mbarushimana for his alleged involvement in the 1994 genocide. “This is a welcome development. The FDLR is a movement bent on genocide,” said Martin Ngoga Rwanda’s chief prosecutor. “We believe it is an international obligation to hunt its members wherever they are.”
Maitre Bernard NTAGANDA
sentenced to 22 years in jail

In mid-December Rwandan authorities also received word from Canadian officials that a Canadian federal court ruled that Faustin Rutayisire, a former mathematics teacher and sous-prefet of Butare prefecture, used his position to influence militias to hunt down Tutsis. Rutayisire applied for refugee status in Canada and was granted permanent residence in 2003. However, two years later Canada began trying to extradite him under the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

However, in Zimbabwe, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has accused the Zimbabwean government of protecting suspected genocide planner, Protais Mpiranya. Mpiranya, who was the commander of the Presidential Guard during the genocide, also has a five million dollar bounty on his head under the US-funded Reward for Justice Programme.

Ingabire behind bars

Ms Ingabire Victoire, the would-be President
 has spent her life under

 judicial surveillance then in prison

for humiliation proposes 
Victoire Ingabire, the leader of the unregistered United Democratic Forces (FDU), has spent a good part of the year either in detention or under judicial surveillance. In April she was arrested on accusations of associating with a terrorist group, denying genocide and promoting genocide ideology and division. After being released, she was barred from travelling outside Kigali and was placed under police investigation. On October 14 she was arrested again, this time on the basis of information provided by Major Vital Uwumuremyi,a former military officer, who himself was arrested on October 13 on the Rwanda-DRC border. Uwumuremyi said he had received Ingabire’s assistance to “set up a military wing of the FDU.” The charges against the pair include “buying and distributing arms and ammunitions to the terrorist organisation and threatening national security and public order.”

On July 14, amid escalating election violence and repression, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was found beheaded (as strong sign to the opposition), with a machete left nearby, in the wetlands of the Makula River in Rwanda's Butare Province, his grisly murder reminiscent of the Rwanda genocide, in which upwards of a million people were killed, many with machetes.
Rwandan Green Party VPAndré Kagwa Rwisereka
Murdered by Kagame's death squad
Ingabire then appeared in court on October 26 but was denied bail. “In public Victoire Ingabire masquerades as a politician. But behind the scenes she operates as a terrorist leader and finacier,” chief prosecutor Martin Ngoga was quoted as saying. On November 12 Rwanda’s high court rejected Ingabire’s appeal against detention, leaving her lawyer, Gatera Gashabana, with no choice but to fix a date for the substantive trial as soon as possible. Meanwhile, on December 13, Ingabire’s home in the Netherlands was cordoned off and searched by Dutch police under a request by Rwandan authorities that had been submitted in February. Some materials were removed from the house and more evidence is now expected from Europe and America. Ingabire’s FDU party accuses Rwandan authorities of fabricating evidence against its leader to deny her from participating in politics.

NDLR : some of the pictures were added to illustrate Kagame as a cold killer.


The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and Nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet It cannot be destroyed. ==> Wolverine


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AS International

AS International
SurViVors SPEAK OUT - Rights of Victims Seeking Justice and Compensation for the RPF Genocide. This is an Exciting Collaborative Project launched by The AS International Founder Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana, Economist and Human Rights Activist. Join US and Be the First to know about the Mastermind of the Rwandan Genocide Still At large and enjoing Impunity.

Genocide masterminded by RPF

Finally the well-known Truth Comes Out. After suffering THE LONG years, telling the world that Kagame and his RPF criminal organization masterminded the Rwandan genocide that they later recalled Genocide against Tutsis. Our lives were nothing but suffering these last 32 years beginning from October 1st, 1990 onwards. We are calling the United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, and Great Britain in particular, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to return to hidden classified archives and support Honorable Tito Rutaremara's recent statement about What really happened in Rwanda before, during and after 1994 across the country and how methodically the Rwandan Genocide has been masterminded by Paul Kagame, the Rwandan Hitler. Above all, Mr. Tito Rutaremara, one of the RPF leaders has given details about RPF infiltration methods in Habyarimana's all instances, how assassinations, disappearances, mass-slaughters across Rwanda have been carried out from the local autority to the government,fabricated lies that have been used by Gacaca courts as weapon, the ICTR in which RPF had infiltrators like Joseph Ngarambe, an International court biased judgments & condemnations targeting Hutu ethnic members in contraversal strategy compared to the ICTR establishment to pursue in justice those accountable for crimes between 1993 to 2003 and Mapping Report ignored and classified to protect the Rwandan Nazis under the RPF embrella . NOTHING LASTS FOREVER.

Human and Civil Rights

Human Rights, Mutual Respect and Dignity For all Rwandans : Hutus - Tutsis - Twas

Rwanda: A mapping of crimes

Rwanda: A mapping of crimes in the book "In Praise of Blood, the crimes of the RPF by Judi Rever Be the last to know: This video talks about unspeakable Kagame's crimes committed against Hutu, before, during and after the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. The mastermind of both genocide is still at large: Paul Kagame

KIBEHO: Rwandan Auschwitz

Kibeho Concetration Camp.

Mass murderers C. Sankara

Stephen Sackur’s Hard Talk.

Prof. Allan C. Stam

The Unstoppable Truth

Prof. Christian Davenport

The Unstoppable Truth Prof. Christian Davenport Michigan University & Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies

The killing Fields - Part 1

The Unstoppable Truth

The killing Fields - Part II

The Unstoppable Truth

Daily bread for Rwandans

The Unstoppable Truth

The killing Fields - Part III

The Unstoppable Truth

Time has come: Regime change

Drame rwandais- justice impartiale

Carla Del Ponte, Ancien Procureur au TPIR:"Le drame rwandais mérite une justice impartiale" - et réponse de Gerald Gahima

Sheltering 2,5 million refugees

Credible reports camps sheltering 2,500 million refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed. The UN refugee agency says it has credible reports camps sheltering 2,5 milion refugees in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been destroyed.

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Hutus didn't plan Tutsi Genocide

Kagame, the mastermind of Rwandan Genocide (Hutu & tutsi)

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